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Jeff Hardy Court Hearing Result, Kevin Nash Says He’s Negotiating Return

— Kevin Nash stated during an interview with La Nación in Puerto Rico that he is presently negotiating with TNA Wrestling regarding a return to the organization.

Sources close to both sides indicate he has negotiated on and off with the company since his contract expired last October. It was recently reported that he agreed to a deal, but stated that someone in the office said he would be returning before a deal could be reached.

— Jeff Hardy’s court hearing today in Moore County Superior Court in Carthage, North Carolina resulted in another continuance, reports the Southern Pines Pilot. Warren McSweeney, the Assistant District Attorney, requested more time to review the case. Hardy’s next scheduled hearing is Feb. 16. The TNA star did not attend the hearing.

Hardy was expected to take a plea bargain today on charges stemming from his 2009 arrest on drug charges.


  • JOE

    sure you will oxslangshoot

  • I don’t think I’d mind seeing Nash back in WWE. At least I don’t think so.

  • oxslangshoot

    if i ever run into him i will jump on his fkn head

  • oxslangshoot

    i cant see how long this bullish will last, and is he too soft to show up to court?

  • JOE

    @Keith Learmonth THANK YOU!!!!!! at least there is one person with brains that uses this site

  • kamoteng kahoy

    ^^SxE means we’re better than you??

  • Heh. It’s amazing how many people get so angry at Jeff on here.

    I really like the ones who go on about how it’s because of the drug use… when most of them admit to using drugs.

    Each and every one of you needs to accept straightedge into your life. Only then you will be in a position to judge. However, if you’re smart, you wont. You’ll lead by example.

  • CC

    Nash is a hypocrite and a liar.
    He stated that TNA was bad when he left, and that he would never go back.
    Then he stated that he had no interest in returning as he is retired, then 24 hours later he says he has been in negotiations with them.
    I dont think there is a single fan that actually wants him back.

  • mark

    yet another continuance, u got to be kidding me doh!!!! as far as im concerned Nash can stay with TNA

  • mj

    wow ppl need to stop making fun of hardy knowing some of u are fans make me sick! the fact that their personal lives are none of are business! ppl just have no lives!

  • bloodstone

    @JOE LOL hahahahaha

  • bibi

    dude matt looks like his been alot of cheese burgers and meth hardy lmao he thinks his an anti christ so still on meth lmao

  • JOE

    @rko rulz how can you talk about when the guy you choose username is known for having Male Menopause

  • Vinny

    LOL @ Meth Hardy


    Just put Meth Hardy in jail and throw away the key. At least we’d be rid of one Hardy from TV, then all that would be left would be to get rid of his idiot brother Matt.

  • Ronald

    Nash is getting his money before the Titanic sinks again.

  • loyd

    Hardy keeps on post ponging his hearing because he knows he will probably serve time this time. Good for Nash. He is a pioneer of the ring

  • Vinny

    Nash is negotiating with tna because wwe doesn’t want his old, can’t perform in the ring, has-been a$$.