Jeff Hardy Court Hearing Result, Kevin Nash Says He’s Negotiating Return

— Kevin Nash stated during an interview with La Nación in Puerto Rico that he is presently negotiating with TNA Wrestling regarding a return to the organization.



Sources close to both sides indicate he has negotiated on and off with the company since his contract expired last October. It was recently reported that he agreed to a deal, but stated that someone in the office said he would be returning before a deal could be reached.

— Jeff Hardy’s court hearing today in Moore County Superior Court in Carthage, North Carolina resulted in another continuance, reports the Southern Pines Pilot. Warren McSweeney, the Assistant District Attorney, requested more time to review the case. Hardy’s next scheduled hearing is Feb. 16. The TNA star did not attend the hearing.

Hardy was expected to take a plea bargain today on charges stemming from his 2009 arrest on drug charges.


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