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– As noted earlier, Dolph Ziggler wrote on his Twitter, “studying ladder matches & killing it at the gym -somewhere @JohnCena studies a cue cards poorly crafted reference to my junk.”

Cena later replied writing, “Cmon @HeelZiggler u really think @jimmyfallon had cue cards?! 2 reasons why that’s ridiculous. 1) I can’t read. 2) that’s @TheRock gimmick!

“Looks like @HeelZiggler gets a little sensitive when people r having fun. Don’t like the material? Never a problem, Oh and thanks 4 watching”

– John Laurinaitis was backstage at Raw this past Monday. As noted last week, Laurinaitis is still actively working behind the scenes and has been helping out creatively.

  • the v

    What does smh mean?

  • Bill

    It’s part of the show. Plus, WWE probably wouldn’t let Ziggler say that stuff on TV, & it is pretty funny to see Cena get made fun of & see him reply with “fudge” or whatever.

  • misfit del rio

    Anything manly bout a man putting “smh”, intead of spelling it out…

  • JOE

    I’m sorry, but there isn’t anything “manly” about two grown ass men talking shit on twitter. Smh

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