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Kane calls WWE Superstar “second coming” of Shawn Michaels, praises Cesaro


Kane was on Edge and Christian’s podcast recently, and spoke about a certain WWE Superstar who he feels is the “second coming” of Shawn Michaels. Besides, The Big Red Machine also heaped loads of praises on the Swiss Superman Cesaro.

Kane is presently on hiatus from the WWE, and is campaigning for the post of Mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee. Despite having stepped away from the squared-circle, albeit temporarily, the 50-year old giant has stated that he does, in fact, intend to return to the company in the near future.

Kane was on E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness and among other things in the group’s awesome conversation, the Devil’s Favorite Demon compared former WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins to the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels. Here’s what he had to say about Rollins-

“I am a huge Seth Rollins fan. Anyone that has ever been in the ring with Seth, he really is the second-coming of Shawn Michaels… He is that good.” 

Furthermore, not one to shy away from putting over his competitors, Kane went on to elucidate on the in-ring prowess of the Swiss Superman, stating-

“He (Cesaro) can go out one night and have a match with me and then go out the next night and have a match with (Chris) Jericho. Two completely different styles and still have the best match of the night because he is that good.” 

Kane is no stranger to either Superstar what with him having competed in top-notch matchups against both Rollins and Cesaro in the past. The mayoral hopeful Kane Glenn Jacobs will be busy with his political obligations until mid-2018, and may not return to WWE for a few years if he were to be elected as Mayor of Knoxville. Nevertheless, fans can catch Rollins and Cesaro in action every week on Monday Night RAW, with the former involved in a feud against Samoa Joe and the latter against the Hardy Boyz.

Forgotten about the classics between Kane and Rollins? No problemo! Here is a small example of the magic that Kane and Rollins create when they face each other inside the squared-circle-

  • Maurice

    Na I like Rollins to but I think that’s not the right comparison for him other than being a great performer his style and nothing else is like HBK

  • TB

    Mayor of a COUNTY?