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Kharma Getting Married After Unique Proposal, Update on Her Future with WWE

– TMZ has a new report up on WWE Diva Kharma getting engaged. She was proposed to by her fiance a few months back and said yes. Her engagement ring is actually a wrestling ring with a diamond, set inside of a normal ring.

Kharma, who is still a member of WWE’s roster, has been on maternity leave since earlier this year.

No official date has been set for the wedding yet but TMZ reports that Kharma is looking to tie the knot in June of 2012.

Before this report, there had been some chatter within WWE about Kharma’s future with WWE. It was pointed out by a source that most women don’t have their first child and just jump back into a job where they’re on the road four days out of a week traveling and working. At the same time, most people expect her back some time.

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  • Black Blue Blazer

    I for one was, and am looking forward to seeing Kharma back soon. Hopefully we will see her sometime in 2012.

  • ironcross

    WWE@HELMS Does it look like a give a fuck?

  • venom

    I am glad WWE didn’t fire her like they usual do. Good luck to her.

  • rko

    Ewwww that guy is disgusting.

  • WWE@Helms

    @ironcross Notice all the dislikes?

  • Devil_Rising

    It’s really detrimental to a baby not to be with it’s mother pretty much all the time. It could lead to major psychological/developmental issues later in life. Not a good idea at all.

    So I don’t know what’s gonna happen with her.

  • Gary

    There is stay at home fathers, i happen to know a few… its not EVERY women who stays home…its not the 40’s anymore…I see her returning, maybe not 4 times a week, but I rly doubt WWE would waste the time and effort (and money) on hyping her, paying her leave just to watch her go sumwhere else

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Who really cares?

  • ironcross

    She is way to fat, i hope she dies

  • poko

    It all depends on how much they want her back. Using her for TV-only feuds would work. It’s not like she’s one of these models who need constant work to improve. Kharma has been wrestling for a long time, and is a real professional at it. Besides, I imagine they would work her in much the same way they did with Nash, where her first several appearances aren’t actual matches.

  • JIR

    Does anyone actually expect a first time mother to go back to a hectic schedule like this they will cut her some slack and modify so can at least be on TV until the kids like a year old then tell her to work full schedule. Kharma congrats on the engagement and the bun in the oven

  • PLW

    She won’t return so soon… which is unfortunate for us fans, but congratulations to her!

  • sam

    I could possibly see her just working one night…then going home then return to work once a week

  • Aerop

    this is retarded, awesome kong already has two kids, whoever comes up with this trash is retarded