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Former Knockouts Not A Fan Of The Hogans, Will Angelina Love Be On Impact?

— Two former TNA Knockouts indicated on Twitter that they are not pleased with the Hogans’ involvement with TNA Wrestling.

Daffney, who performed for the organization from 2008 to 2010, wrote “Amen” in response to the following fan remark: “TNA will not be watchable until Hulk Hogan is dead or @screamqueendaff returns.”

She also criticized Brooke Hogan’s on-screen authority role. A fan wrote, “I think @screamqueendaff should be head of TNA knockouts. Least then it’d be credible AND shit will actually look good! #brookeisuselesstna.” She responded, “YEAH! What he said!!! #brookeisuselesstna.”

Rain, who appeared as Payton Banks in 2007 and 2008, shares similar sentiments regarding Brooke’s role. When asked whether her arrival to TNA Wrestling will aid the Knockouts division, she responded, “They don’t NEED anyone in charge of the KO’s, and NO, completely pointless.”

— Angelina Love, who has not competed on IMPACT WRESTLING since the April 5 episode, addressed via Twitter whether she will be appearing on tomorrow’s live show. She wrote, “You’ll have to watch to find out!”

  • shawn

    i always liked Daffney but man, shes not there anymore. does she know that was Hogans idea?

  • ant

    man that first guy is crazy Daffney is FREAKING HOT and i miss watching her sexy ass on tv

  • Logan

    Love Daffney!!!!!

  • BlaH

    its sad when the gm gets more pyro for his entrance then the talent.

  • poko

    I have no idea what kind of involvement Hogan has had with recent storyline/booking decisions, but TNA has been really good lately. On screen, he’s just the GM, and I couldn’t care less who plays that role as long as the wrestling is good. I don’t give a rat’s ass who is in-charge behind the scenes as long as I’m enjoying the product. That twitter exchange was kind of stupid.

  • misfit del rio

    Its funny how the longer hogan stays in the sport ( yeah I said it), the more he alienates himself and tarnishes his legacy. We were all hogan fans, but then we grew up and saw just wha true scum and self agrandizing he really is. Intead of leaving us full of good memories, I just cringe at the thought that he was once (as a child in the early 90’s) my hero. Save what ever legacy you have left and just walk away, come beack every couple of years just to say hello. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Greg

    Clearly this guy needs to listen to x-pacs music and stop being such a dillhole…

  • Juice_Man

    Uh…um….dude…..just….STFU. You probably like the BS TNA is doin. You probably watch this and think Hogan is making magic or something.

    My bad, i’m all wrong. You just thowin insults at ppl that aren’t reading any of this. Let me go back to where i came from and let you post pointlessly at the writing above.

  • SYM

    Daffney looks like Harley Quinn on crack & does anyone even remember Payton Banks oops I mean Rain? Hell I even remember Rosie Lotta Love.