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Latest on WWE’s WCW Nitro & WrestleMania True Story DVD Sets, More

– Names announced for the Legends of the Ring convention on May 7th in Monroe, New Jersey at the Crowne Plaza Hotel include Dusty Rhodes, DDP, Dan Severn, Vader, Ken Shamrock, The Godwinns, Terry Taylor, Brad Armstrong, Bob Armstrong, Mike Tenay, Barry Darsow, Jushin Liger, Rick Martel, Perry Saturn, Stacy Carter, Paul Bearer, Sunny, Virgil, Daffney, Lacey Von Erich and others.

– There will be a documentary on WWE Hall of Famer Pete Rose released on February 22nd called “4192 – The Crowning of the Hit King.”

– The documentary portion of WWE’s True Story of WrestleMania DVD and Blu-ray will be two hours long. The rest of the three-disc DVD set will be made up of important matches in WrestleMania history. The set comes out March 15th.

– Diamond Dallas Page noted on Twitter that he finished filming for WWE’s upcoming Best of WCW Nitro DVD that comes out on May 24th.

He wrote: “Just finished filming “The Very Best of Nitro” and have say I think this is going be a Really Good DVD for the WCW/NWO/WWE fans”

  • vinny

    I would definately like to see a Razor/Diesel doc.

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    @ Vinny

    While I agree that the WWE do make good documentaries, I would have to pass on the Jerry Lawler one for now. I believe a lot of my reasoning is this shitty storyline involving King right now. I mean sorry not buying Lawler having a snowball’s chance in hell against The Miz.

    If anyone deserves a really good documentary it’s Diesel/Kevin Nash & Razor Ramon/Scott Hall.

  • Vinny

    I can’t wait for the wrestlemania DVD… and the Nitro DVD too actually. I really like their documentaries they release.

    I really need to see a Jerry Lawler DVD come out soon.