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Latest On The Undertaker’s In-Ring Future, WWE Interested In ROH Talent, More

— The Undertaker’s time away from the ring has included surgeries on both his shoulder and hip. He was lighter than ever before when he showed up backstage at last week’s Raw SuperShow, estimated at 275 to 280 pounds. The belief that he would retire following his WrestleMania XXVIII encounter with Triple H is largely gone since it’s not being hinted. Peers expect him to continue wrestling for a few more years if he’s able to compete once annually.

— WWE officials have expressed interest in acquiring Jay and Mark Briscoe, but they are both under contract to Ring of Honor.

— Last Friday’s Raw live event at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, California drew 9,000 paying $360,000. Saturday’s Raw show in Ontario, California drew a near sellout with 9,000 paying $275,000. Sunday in Eugene, Oregon drew 5,000 paying $165,000. Smackdown’s tour of Central America opened on Thursday in Tegucigalpa, Honduras with 2,500. Friday in Panama City, Panama drew 4,000. Saturday in Guatemala City, Guatemala drew 2,000.

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Devil_Rising

    All I know is this. A direct quote from Undertaker years ago, said that he DIDN’T want to be like Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan or Terry Funk…guys who just don’t know when to hang it up, and keep on going way past their prime. He said he didn’t want to ever look like a shadow of his old self. And quite frankly, while I love him, and he’s awesome, that is what he’s starting to look like.

    I don’t know about you, but I do NOT, as a long time Undertaker fan, want to see his legacy get tarnished like that by continuing to wrestle when he shouldn’t.

  • rocky sucks

    only cena can break the streak. i know it’s sad but it’s true. he’s an idiot just like the rock but at lrast he’s here to stay. i think he’ll go after taker’s streak after he’ll beat the great one{who’s really not so great}.

  • kannon81

    I can see Taker retiring and WWE signing Sting for a match with him. Deadman vs. Sting, Icon vs. Legend. This could put both in retirement forever.

  • JIR

    If they do Cena vs. Undertaker, Cena would not, should not win the streak is to big for the business Cena says he loves the business so he wouldn’t even let the thought of him actually winning come to fruition

  • Really

    On what grounds do you think Cena will be judge the biggest name of all time.

    It wont be by the fans, it wont be by his peers, with wrestling in somewhat of a decline in wont be in buyrates. It wont be promos, in ring ablity, or his impact in wrestling.

    Hogan, The Rock and Stone Cold are all bigger names.

  • Ryan

    have to agree tbh if taker can wrestle once a year why knock the rock he said he was never leaving meaning he’d come back when he could, if you were in his shoes and signed on for movies before vince asked you to come back would you drop all those extra pay days? didnt think so!

  • Diesel

    “WWE officials have expressed interest in acquiring Jay and Mark Briscoe, but they are both under contract to Ring of Honor.”

    And do what they do to every other tag-team?? (one jobbing & one in mid card hell) I REALLY hope not. I mean I like the Briscoes and they’re definitely a hell of a tag-tem, but given WWE’s track record with tag-teams over the recent years (they haven’t had a decent tag division since the early 2000’s) I think I’d rather see them stay in ROH to be honest.

  • Really

    @xXFindleyXx, there is a chance Cena will break Undertakers streak becuase Vince loves Cena that much and loves to do stupid things. And no matter how much they push Cena, he will not be biggest name in wrestling of all time, that notion is beyond laughable.

    @whocares, A cocky heel bragging a new streak is not going to compare to the draw of Undetaker’s streak, that is one of the most stupid things ive ever heard. It would take someone several years to build their own streak which is of note, and with Vince changing his mind so much on people, that is very unlikely to happen.

  • hjkhjk

    Thought the Briscoe’s weren’t “cosmetically pleasing” enough for WWE? Change their minds?

  • Mordecai

    Personally, if Undertaker can still go for a few more years, I’d like to see him face Kane in his last match at Wrestlemania. Sure, it’d be the third time he’s faced Kane, but if it was both of their last match, it could be one worth watching! Think about it, Undertaker ending his career by facing his own “brother.” It makes more sense than to end it fighting someone like Triple H.

  • Jon

    Here my guess. It going to be a draw this year between Taker vs HHH. But they will say Taker has a carrier ending injury.

    Really HITC will be the match at WM more than Cena vs Rock. Perfect match to go out.

  • Gorilla

    I think it’s ending this year but also I can’t see taker loosing at mania unless its billed as the showcase match and this year like it or not everyone taking back seat too cena vs rock

  • Taker just retire I wouldn’t be able to stand it if you ended up like hogan or flair

  • chronoxiong

    Smackdown’s attendance figures are so low and sad to see. Can Vince ever put more thoughts into balancing the rosters?

  • PinkSinCara

    Taker really needs to retire after this year’s WM. I don’t want him to become another Flair or Hogan that stays around solely for the money or convenient schedule.

  • SB2012

    Michelle’s Already Left? And there’s no point putting Cena VS Taker Coz the outcome is so predictable.. Cena will be the first to beat Taker at WM which will just give him more of a spotlight than he actually deserves.

  • whocares

    They don’t need taker to keep making money from the streak. They just get a cocky heel to brag that he is starting his own streak. Edge and miz both made that claim at one time. And both mentioned taker in their promo. Keep using his name to add value to newer healthier performers.
    Also, how long after he rrtires before Michelle leaves or gets kicked out?

  • Jake

    Just glad to hear I get to see a few more years of the Undertaker, I thought he was gonna lose this year but since he is sticking around I think the streak lives on

  • Little Jimmy

    They Should Sign World’s Greatest Tag Team while there at it. As the Tag Team Division is like non existent or even sign Harry Smith back and reunite the Dynasty with Kidd. Little Jimmy Says R-Truth is too good for a makeshift tag team with Kofi. If somebody doesn’t give the mic back to Truth, Somebody’s gonna get got! Lol

  • Best in the world

    @Stevie P There’s a bit of a difference. One: Undertaker has quite a few years on Rocky. Two: Undertaker didn’t leave his fans to be a movie star. Three: Undertaker never said “I’m back, and I am NEVER leaving.”

    While I agree, I get sick of seeing Taker at WM every year, it gets boring. And I think he should hang it up after this WM personally. But, he hasn’t pulled half the bullshit that Rocky has.

  • Stevie P

    So it’s ok if Taker wrestles a match a year, but not The Rock?

  • Barri Griffiths WHAAAAY

    Undertaker sucks.

  • kluh em pu

    Undertaker its time to hand it up

  • 1919dpg

    i’m not sure wether to beleive the bit about the briscoes. they were already turned down for not being ‘aestetically pleasing’ enough, not too long ago.

    on the other hand. it could be true that they want to revive the tag division after mania.

  • RatedR2J

    @ really i agree I’d much rather see Jericho vs Taker then Cena vs Taker and Jericho and taker would have a way better match!

  • Devil_Rising


    Dude….he’ll be in his FIFTIES by WM 30.

    Also….if it’s true that he’s now bald….I DO NOT want to keep on seeing a bald Undertaker.

  • Devil_Rising

    So……..if that were true (which it probably isn’t), then WHY would he be wrestling HHH….AGAIN…..if this isn’t “the Last Time”?

  • ogitchida

    makes sense seeing how undertaker still has got to face brock lesnar and sting at wrestlemania…

  • Really

    I hope Undertaker dosent retire after WM28 becuase I dont want his last match to be against HHH, know that HBK has retired Y2J is the best choice for Undertakers last match wheether it be WM 29 or 30.

    I dont think Cena or anyone should break the streak becuase the WWE does so many stupid things and gets knocked for them. The Undertaker’s WM strek is one of the last untarnished things in Wthe WWE.

    Once he does retire a huge draw for WM will be gone aTnd cant be replaced which makes Money in the Bank so important. They will have to take the match more serious once Undertaker retires, having no more comedy acts in the match to make it more of a legit draw.

  • Whooper

    Would you rather see an aged Undertaker next year at mania, or some random celebrity spot? The answer to me is pretty obvious.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    Undertaker has been one of my favorite wrestlers for years. But, even I have to admit there is a time to call it a career. As far as the Briscoes coming to WWE, that would show they are going to try to revitalize the tag team roster. Either that, or they will be feuding against each other in two years.

  • adam

    I swear if they can hire the briscoes and have them and KOW plus the teams they have right now that will make the tag division great again. Now if they could convince benjamin and hass to come back as well.

  • Nick

    Im gonna get alot of dislikes on this, but when you think WWE, weather you like it or not, one of the top names that comes up is John Cena. He has worked his ass off, as he is there for every single house show for raw, he is the first one there at raw telivised events for raw, and the last one to leave. When he says WWE is his life, it really is, when hes not at a house show or tv event, he is signing autographs, doing events to help communities, and as we all know has the most wish kids requests out of all WWE wrestlers, and is on the top ten wished for people out of everyone. That says alot, and that work should be reconized and seen and appricated, and a way they can thank cena, as much as i hate to say it is, if they have to end takers streak, make it happen at WRESTLEMANIA 30 with cena. Give Cena The win, Dislike away, but you’ve gotta respect the guy, and he deserves it.

  • looks like Taker got the Hogan deal. lol 1 or 2 matches a year.

  • Paton

    ^^^^ whether you like it or not, I and many others would rather watch 1 Undertaker match per year than any amount of Del Rio or some other non drawing no mark like the Miz’s matches

    He has earned the respect and done the ime to be allowed to do WM and nothing else

  • Deva

    so taker is just gonna wrestle I estimate 3-5 matches in like 5 years, thats pretty good for him to work once a year and get paid like a million year, pretty good.

  • Prodigy

    No, please. Just hang it up. You’ve had a great career and it’s over when they have to wheel you away after only showing up for one match a year. Sad but bitterly true.

  • milkdud

    The streak is wrestlemania if he retires they better have money in the bank or build something to be on that level