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- MVP will be taking part in New Japan’s upcoming tournament and will face Karl Anderson in the first round on March 6th in Tokyo. If MVP wins, he will face the winner of Togi Makabe vs. Satoshi Kojima on March 19th.

- Regarding reports of Sunny being in the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame class, she responded to rumors back in January and said as of then, she had not been contacted by anyone in WWE. Sunny noted that she was booked for Ring of Honor events in Atlanta during WrestleMania weekend.

- California independent wrestler “Big Nasty” Jason Watts is reportedly one of the contestants on WWE Tough Enough.

- WWE officials are building towards a feud between Sheamus and United States Champion Daniel Bryan. They are expected to have a match for the title at WrestleMania 27.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

  • Matt

    Christian wins MITB, Cena wins over Miz, Christian cashes in and wins.

    Best outcome over Super Cena as champ, cause you know he isn’t losing at WM to anyone.

  • Stevie


    You’re missing CM Punk vs Randy Orton. There is no way they’re leaving that match out as their feud appears to be drawing.

  • Devil_Rising

    Well………at least Bryan DANIELSON will get a match at WM.

    So many guys that should have had WM matches over the last several years have been screwed out of them. Lance Storm. London & Kendrick. Gregory Helms/The Hurricane. MNM (were supposed to have a WM match with L&K, would have made WM22 a LOT better).

    At least “The American Dragon” will be able to have a WM match.

  • daniel

    sheamus going for us title? this is lookin like wwe universe on SvR 2011

  • Rucdogg

    Anybody else find it wierd that Sheamus put HHH out for 8 months, and when he comes back he doesnt even bother with Sheamus, goes straight for Taker. Makes no sense

  • V-R-A

    @ Legend Killer

    Why? CM Punk did that. He won the IC title after he won the World Heavyweight Title. Whats wrong with winning championships? Nothing as I recall. I look at from WM to WM what did they to last WM to this WM. Hell, Sheamus lost to Triple H last year if he wins the US title this year, I’d say it was a big jump.

  • Big T

    I’m excited for the match, I really enjoyed their match a few weeks ago and I really think they could steal the show.

  • Legend Killer

    When Sheamus was winning the WWE title back last summer, i really didn’t think he would only be in a US Title match at WM27. I think it’s a shame they’ve gone backwards with Sheamus and Barrett. Should have kept them at the top and not gone the way of Chris Masters and Kozlov because it makes it difficult to give them another mega push; more so for Sheamus.

  • In Grind We Crust

    Bryan/Sheamus fued will rule.

  • KC

    They need to have more of these midcard title matches especially at WM i think this would be a good match and feud given the right build up. Now lets just hope the IC title will be defended as well.
    This is how i think WM will go down

    Bryan vs Sheamus- Us Title Match
    Christian vs Drew Mac vs JoMO vs Rtruth vs Kane Vs Ted Dibiase Vs Ziggler VS Mark Henry- Money in the Bank
    Rey vs Cody Rhodes
    Wade Barrett vs Big Show
    Trish+Kelly Vs Laycool
    Corre(gabrial and slater) vs Nexus(Otunga and Ryan)
    Miz Vs Cena- WWE Championship
    Edge Vs Del Rio- World Heavyweight
    Undertaker Vs HHH Guest Ref Shawn Micheal’s

  • scooter

    bryan and sheamus had a good match on raw a short while ago if given enough time they could have a great match

  • CAL

    OMG! wwe gonna have the United States Champion on the line @ WM what has this world come to…

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