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Matt Hardy Comments On Arrest, Teases Possible Return To WWE

Matt Hardy, who was arrested Saturday in North Carolina for driving while intoxicated, says he is innocent.

In response to fans who were discussing his arrest, Hardy wrote on his YouTube channel, “I took a breathalyzer immediately on the spot and it read clean, zero, nothing. Think about peeps! There’s more to this story than meets the eye. MATTHEW”

Hardy posted another, longer response regarding the matter, but immediately deleted it.

Hardy’s contract with TNA Wrestling was subsequently terminated following his arrest. He hinted on YouTube that a return to WWE could be in the cards.

In response to a remark that he should return to WWE, Hardy wrote, “You are exactly right my lovely. It’s time for the original Matt Hardy to appear once again!”

  • venom

    It looks like Fatt Hardy will be at the indy scenes or hot dog eating contests. Why does he think WWE will take him back this fast?

  • Bill

    @Vinny, well, in all fairness, there’s somewhat of a changing of the guard in WWE right now. Besides, were the you suck chants really out of disrespect for Kurt Anfle(when he was a face)? I mean, I always thought they were directed at his opponent. Besides, Triple H has a pretty large influence on signing new talent, so guys like AJ & Joe won’t necessarily get buried & wasted. As for Kurt, he was one of the “cursed” guys in WWE. Just like Chris Jericho & CM Punk, he can entertain & shine no matter what he does, which is why he isn’t involved in the best of storylines. Plus, Beer Money would help make a tag team division in WWE. That would be the reason they’d come. I don’t know if you implied I said that I wanted Matt to come to WWE, but I don’t. Besides, I highly doubt Matt will get “100%” & come back to TNA to become a World Champ. I have nothing against your opinion, but you seem very Pro-TNA. I mean, you called WWE “WW-puss-E”. I rest assure you, when I say I want WWE to sign Kurt Angle & the others, it’s only if they actually do something good with them. Besides, I highly doubt WWE would sign them back just to waste them in the end.

  • max

    i wonder if these two boys ever thought about what they are putting their family through. They must’ve been the pride and Joy of the Hardy family then they just dropped their parents jaw all the way to the floor. i think it’s about time these guys grow up and become men. the kind of men every father and mother want to be proud of again.

  • Paton

    does he think WWE would take him back after the shit he did last year?

  • tombstone1108

    As for Ricardo trying to draw me into a religious debate, it will never work. Seems I already posted about this maybe you should learn to read.

    cc I will not get into a religious debate with you. I asked a simple question as to why most on here just bash instead of caring about another human being. I’m sure everyone here has made mistakes in their lives.

    Did you fail to read this or did the person who reads for you skip over it?

  • Ricardo

    As for tombstone110-religious-obscurantism’s praying to magic men in the sky, good luck with that. I’m sure that’s all anyone needs.

  • tombstone1108

    cc I will not get into a religious debate with you. I asked a simple question as to why most on here just bash instead of caring about another human being. I’m sure everyone here has made mistakes in their lives.

  • adam

    The only way i can see wwe rehiring matt is if they want punk to bury him. Also if he came back as V1 i wouldnt mind because i liked the gimmik and used to like him before all this bullshit. But the sad thing is jeff when he isnt messed up on drugs can survive on his own in singles competition matt on the other hand i dont think he can. I mean thats why in tna when jeff got suspended they tried matt on his own for like 2 weeks realized it wasnt going to work and teamed him with bully ray right away. Matt is a good mid carder but that is all he will ever be even though he thinks he is a main eventer. Maybe tna braught him back down to earth. I belive he would be a good IC or US champ if he comes back and gets his life together. Nothing will be as good as the hardys as a team but still.

  • Ricardo

    People should not be fired because of what they do outside the ring. You can call Matt & Jeff drunks and druggies – that has nothing whatsoever to do with wrestling, as long as they can perform. They could spend their days doing heroin if they liked it – that’s none of mine or your or even their emplyers’ business, if while they’re working they’re competent and professional. Matt should be fired for his sloppy work in TNA, not for being arrested during his off time.

    Nevertheless, I agree with CC that TNA has to be consistent and make logic decisions. Jeff’s contract should have been terminated on the spot because he let his personal life get in the way of performing his job. He wasn’t fired. Now Matt has a personal situation. TNA takes this opportunity and fires him without appeal or even letting the dust settle. Such good management all along.

  • peep this

    He’s not going back to WWE. And second I dont care if he blew a “0” if he was impaired via something else. Then you bet your skinny they would take him in. Then they would do either a blood or urine sample at the station for a controlled substance. The only reason he even mentioned it was to keep his name is the loop with a wwe run in the works. Seriously……. Come on Matt give it up dude.
    But hey he can consult with Kurt of how to beat it and get out of it. What a buch of BS. There is a reason what people dont like matt anymore. He’s a wack job, at least that how he comes off.

  • CC

    Why would I consider praying to a fictional being?
    If such a person existed, he wouldnt have let them get in that condition in the first place now would he.

  • tombstone1108

    Instead of constantly bashing the Hardy’s have any of you ever considered praying for them and wishing for them to get better?

  • CC

    I’m not a Matt hater, I have actually always liked him as a performer, and used to think he really understood the business, but since leaving WWE he has seriously lost any respect I had for him.
    I understood the weight gain was due to his intestinal problem. I understood him standing by his brother even though I thought he was just an enabler. I even (sorta) understood why he wanted to leave WWE in the first place.
    But how he has acted since then has just gotten worse and worse.
    He has been sloppy in the ring, annoying on youtube and twitter and worst of all seems to be following Jeff on his path of self destruction rather than learning from him how not to be.

    I would really love to see him get his shit together, and return to something like he was during his initial WWE heel turn as that was a cool angle and character, but I think its all too late and too many bridges have been burnt.
    And lets not forget that the last TNA wrestler to get pulled for drunk driving, denied it and said the truth will come out, ended up showing that the truth was that they were a liar and a drunk.

    TNA though needs to stop being fucking hypocrites tho. How come Jeff keeps his job and Angle doesnt even get taken off tv, and then gets given the title, yet Matt is fired?
    Treat them all equally, you fucking retards, or you just end up looking a bigger joke than you already do.

  • Tyler(:

    It’s funny cos Jeff and Matt made that video about making CM Punk the ‘Straight-Edge Superstar he is today’.

    Yet one gets arrested and the other is such a druggie he let down all the TNA fans by having a terrible match and hasn’t appeared since. ALl this while CM Punk is headlining MITB and Summerslam, and will continue to be a top guy against Nash.

    Jeez, Hardy Boys have turned into fools.

  • Trixie

    He seriously thinks the WWE want him back? Yeesh.

    I actually find it funny that TNA released him after he gets a DUI, when they HIRED Jeff after he was arrested for drug posession. TNA is really wierd.

  • Soulshroude

    (Laughs) Leave Britney (Hardy) ALONE! sorry, had to…


    HA!!!!! Does he reaaaallly believe that WWE would take him back after he Begged for his release, went straight to work for the competition, then end up being released by the competition for being fucked up. Wow I honestly still had respect for Matt up to this point, now I lost it. He needs to REALLY get his life together and stay out of wrestling. There is clearly something wrong with him.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Of course he blew a 0, the cops just wanted to hang out with the great Fatt Hardy so they could brag to their friends…

  • vinny

    btw double j never really ran tna much he had other writers helping him he just approved it all as he still does to this day. it’s his company dixie carter is just the president and partial owner and if wwe were to ever get aj styles to go to them again they’ll just ruin his career and make him lame. do you (bill) even remeber why kurt angle left the wwe? it was ’cause every time he entered in any arena fans would chant you suck you suck you suck to the beat of his music and no matter how many times they reinvented him nor how great he was most people didn’t like or respect him only until he came to tna did he get his rightful respect from fans and why would beer money ever want to go to a company that lacks severly in the tag team division? that’d be totally stupid and as for samoa joe if you think tna is doin him no justice then shit you have no clue how mcmahon would chew him up and spit him out ’cause he doesnt conform to shitty storylines and weak gimmick svery well, that’s why right now he’s actually considering goin there but it’d just be career suicide. tna doesn’t easily forgive those who turn there backs on them

  • vinny

    bill couldn’t disagree with you more on kurt and the tna originals going to ww puss e lol. they’re the lame company and matt hardy shouldn’t even be thinking to return to there with how they’ve treated him like garbage and the reason for nash’ return was because tna didnt want him anymore and he’s good friends with paul levesque (triple h) in real life and as for booker he fucked tna over in his departure in late 09 so tna wouldn’t allow him to return. wwe only did ’cause they needed another retired yet still very popular wrestler for ratings purposes with tough enough. so anyway matt hardy should ride the indie circuit for a little while and get rehab and then get back to tna when he’s clean and they’ll reinvent him yet again and probably make him a multi time champion with the tv title and later the heavyweight belt which i believe is what thye were attempting to do until he screwed up and matt if by chance you do read this i’m rooting for your tna return in months to a year 100%, it’s the smartest thing you can do.

  • Bawb

    @ rock

    Are you retarded? they’re drugged and drunk out of their mind and would be cancers to backstage morale.

  • rock

    hope he comes back WWE needs the hardy’s as a tag team is there even a tag division in WWE now? i never see them

  • Symbiote

    WWE wont take him back for a long time!! They don’t need any more mid-carders!


    yeah buddy a hardy is coming back to the WWE hopefully the other will come later too

  • Bill

    I never even really liked sane Mattt Hardy, & don’t even get me started on Matt Hardy Version 0.8 Blood Alcohol Concentration(bad joke, but still true). Please Kurt Angle, come back to WWE & leave that mess TNA became these days. Kurt was my childhood hero during my first days of wrestling. It was heartbreaking learning he went to TNA. I don’t want to see honest workers like him end up as the trash of the wrestling world. Booker T & Nash came back, you come back too. What about AJ Styles, Beer Money, Samoa Joe, & the other TRUE talents. One should sincerely hope they all come to WWE. Nobody knows how to run TNA these days. It was fine when JJ ran it. Now it’s trash, & with UFC leaving Spike, connect the dots & see what happens next.

  • Joe

    The dude is fucked up. I met him at a bar once after a WWE show, he was drunk as hell and was a complete asshole, then proceeded to drive to the hotel.

    If you blew a 0, then why were you arrested? WWE won’t take him back, he’s totally delusional.

  • Bawb

    He’s so delusional. Such a shame to see how much of a contrast it is when you look at the Hardys back in 1999-2001 and now.

  • SusyRko

    This year he his gonna reinvent himself, the best thing to happen to him is left the Wwe remember?

  • RAMSES 2