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Michael Cole & CM Punk’s Feud, WWE Superstars Share Thoughts on Survivor Series

– Several WWE Superstars commented on the Survivor Series pay-per-view last night:

Beth Phoenix: “@EveMarieTorres Ill give her credit…i had to obliterate her cuz she just wont quit..but tmrws a new day..and Eve.u will cry. #pinupstrong”

Eve Torres: “It was an honor to compete at The Garden tonight. Thank you NYC. & thank u @TheBethPhoenix for reminding me how badly I want what you have.”

Jim Ross: “No shock @TheRock was on his game after 7+ years away. He’s gifted. If Rock/Cena left u ‘wanting more’ then what occurred worked. #SauceIt”

Zack Ryder: “Thank you NYC…Thank you Broskis…… #RyderRevolution”

Wade Barrett: “Once again, I illustrated supreme leadership and in-ring skills tonight. The #BarrettBarrage is legit. No prisoners. No arguments.”

The Rock: “Last night at Survivor Series, TEAM BRING IT rocked the Garden and electrified the world. Proud of U. #BootsToAsses”

Kofi Kingston: “As always, MSG was epic. The feeling never gets old. Thanks for all the compliments on the gear too by the way! Tomorrow we do it again!”

– The storyline between CM Punk and Michael Cole is expected to continue. As seen at Survivor Series last night, Cole was wearing the sling on his arm from the recent Punk attack.

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  • LVW

    The “main event” did NOTHING to enhance my interest any more in the Rock/Cena match at WM.

  • really

    i think there use of twitter is bordering on stupidity, I read they mentioned it 47 times during the broadcast #really?

  • No1Coleminer

    yea @Simon07! i dont ever see how people question wwe motives with issues like Cole. He like vickie garner the most heat i think we ever seen for long time, i have preyed wwe put them together when miz was champ, together vickie and cole would cause unseen amount of heat, i mean “excuse me?” “can i have ur attention?” after each other would case chaos. wwe knows most heels suck if vickie and cole are most hated! so they use it. im in the minority who like cole, dislike rocky

  • simon07

    Thats why its awkward that the announcers get so much heat or cheered so much. A lot more than some wrestlers. Cole gets the most heat, thats why he’s always on. On a related note, Vickie get booed a lot as well, which isn’t good for the heels when a manager and an announcer gets way more heat than you!

  • Liam Catterson

    Why should announcers even feud anyways??? It is pointless

  • BlaH

    Cole gets too much air time……. WHY!!!
    For the sake of pete.

  • Splash

    Ahh the days when announcers would just announce. Can’t wait for the day Cole’s contract is up and he moves on.