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Mick Foley Talks About Biggest WrestleMania Moment & Favorite Characters

In an interview with, Mick Foley revealed his biggest WrestleMania moment.

“My match in 2006 with Edge was by far and away my biggest WrestleMania moment. Everyone wants to have a great match at WrestleMania, and I had essentially gone my career without having it, and so I was able to have a chance with a comeback match to come through big and we did.”

Foley also discussed that his favorite characters to play are Cactus Jack and Mankind.

“I think I really liked the matches that Cactus was involved in, especially early on when every night was the most important night of my career. But I also love the latter day Mankind, the guy that teamed up with The Rock and made everybody laugh.”

Foley also discusses his stand-up comedy gig, if he plans to have a role during any WrestleMania matches next year and more.

  • Logan

    ^^^^It’s all good man. I still have WWF The Music Vol3 with his entrance music.

    Rock n’ Sock Connection 4 life y’all!!!!!

  • PinkSinCara

    I’m a Dude Love fan. Can’t help it.