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Monday Night Raw reaches record low in ratings

With stocks continuing to rise and some extremely impressive deals being locked in with Fox and NBC Universal, it might be shocking to some people to see how far Monday Night Raw dropped in the ratings.

Raw’s go-home show before Extreme Rules only drew  2.46 million this week, down a decent bit from last week’s 2.70.

Normally with ratings this low, the company is usually going up against some stiff competition. Championship games, season finales of award-winning television shows. That wasn’t the case this past Monday, which might cause Fox and NBC to raise a few eyebrows.

By the hour, provided by Cageside Seats, the numbers were:

Hour one- 2.58 million

Hour two- 2.51 million

Hour three- 2.32 million

  • Stupid WWE

    Lazy booking during the summer only causes more people to tune out, which in turn means less people watching the product once football rolls around. WWE should put on their best programming during the summer and holidays. Why? Because if people aren’t watching then, eff ’em. Their loss. Make this stuff must see. Make them choose to watch instead of going out to the baseball game or spending more time with their relatives.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Listen it is dead summer WWE is always slow this time of year. But as you can see money and stock wise WWE has never been more stronger.

  • Something tells me no

    Considering this as a Venn diagram, the overlap of people who watch Raw and people who go out of their way to watch breaking political news is probably 5 people. WWE has been re-running matches for two and sometimes three weeks. This has been the worst build for any Extreme Rules ppv since apparently half the matches aren’t even gimmick matches despite the fact this whole show is suppose to be gimmick city. The story telling has been very lazy and booking lacks logic.

  • Batman Barry

    You’ve got a world champion who’s never there and a guy like Roman being shoved down your throat every episode.. that’s about it

  • Will Henderson

    it was up against President Trump’s announcement for the replacement Supreme Court Justice that will replace Justice Anthony Kennedy

  • ROB-1.

    Every week during Raw I fall asleep. You know a cat needs it,s sleep.

  • Hahahahahaha

    You awake yet, Vince, you out of touch old man? Your boy Roman is trash and no one wants him. No one wants Lesnar, either.