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The Muppets Returning to RAW as Social Media Ambassadors

– WWE has announced that The Muppets will be returning to RAW as Social Media Ambassadors for the December 10th episode from Newark, New Jersey. Here’s the official announcement from WWE:

“They’re back!

One year after guest hosting Monday Night Raw, Disney’s The Muppets make their glorious return to WWE’s flagship show as Social Media Ambassadors. Given their history with some of the WWE Superstars, we’re sure they’ll have plenty to say on the goings on of the WWE Universe. Will Miss Piggy have more words for Vickie Guerrero? Do Statler and Waldorf approve of 3MB? And will Beaker send a message to his cousin Sheamus? Follow them on Twitter and Facebook to find out and be sure to check out their holiday video “All I Need is Love” — alongside Cee-Lo Green off the new album “Cee-Lo’s Magic Moment” — and the 20th Anniversary Edition of “The Muppet Christmas Carol,” now on DVD and Blu-Ray.”

  • eric

    The thing is i am sure i am going to get alot heat from attitude era fan boys with this comment. but during wwe federation yrs 1988-1996 wwe was very pg. but was good product. had tag teams like strike force hart fountain, l,od headskriners, natural disaters, body donnas, ghuns, godwinns, tag team divison was very good in federation yrs. good managers who can talk promos there teams guys well. main event scence was good warrior, hogan, savage, hbk, bret hart, diesel, sid etc owen vs bret rise of luger. ryback reminds me of lex luger 1993. fans were behind luger in 1993 with bodyslam. lex xpress. as ryback has fans behind him as luger did in 93. pg is not problem. booking creative team and lack of talent to get over is. that why cena is getting work over in every match. because these young guys can’t draw big money. that why vince bringing back past with the rock lesnar. they draw big bucks. these current guys can’t draw money. That is problem!

  • eric

    nothing says pg like muppets. I grew up in early-mid 90’s wwe federation yrs with hulk hogan, savage, jake snake, big boss man, rockers, strike force, rick model martel tanaka, undertaker as rookie in early 90’s yokozuna jim cornette. even federation yrs in 1990-1995 was not as pg as current wwe. it is barney friends pg. atleast in federation yrs u got alot wrestling on tv shows saturday night main event raw. u got good product in 1988-1995 with hulk hogan savage, tag teams managers etc maybe talent pool isn’t as great as it was 15-20 yrs ago. There is more of problem than just wwe being pg kiddie friendly. wwe was very pg during federation yrs it was good product in 1988-1995


    ^^^^ Bad product is killing WWE

  • MAN

    PG is killing WWE

  • Zedd

    Oh God No…………

  • chris benoit

    if thye dant do a segment im fine with it