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New TNA Knockout Character, TNA Releases Teaser on “They”, More

– The dark match before last night’s TNA iMPACT tapings saw Jay Lethal and Justin Star defeat Robbie E. and Josh Daniels. Star reportedly has worked for WWE’s FCW as a referee before. Presumably this was Star’s and Daniels’ tryout matche with TNA.

– New TNA Knockout Divina Fly will make her iMPACT debut on the February 10th episode. Her new name is Rosita and she’s playing the role of Sarita’s cousin. Rosita teams with Sarita, Tara and Madison Rayne to take on Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Winter and Mickie James.

– TNA has released a new teaser video for “they” and this week’s iMPACT, in what appears to be a cover-up for WWE ruining their big storyline. Dixie Carter plugged the video on her Twitter and wrote “DON’T ASSUME ANYTHING!” Here’s the video:

  • nick

    @ Ronald. I’m talking about tna releasing a vid for this thurs wen every1 already read the spoiler for impact and it sucks. No big arrival as implied, just a full fortune turn opposed to just an A J Styles turn . Tna shud be ANT: A.bsolutely N.o T.hey

  • george

    tna could be huge they have great talent to bad no one in the back knows what the hell they are doing

  • Rich

    @Vinny..are u stupid..kurt angle and aj styles have had some of the best matches i”ve ever seen..matter of fact kurt angle and sting have put on some great matches..kurt angle vs brock lesnar pales in comparison to kurt angle vs aj styles…as far as this cover up all i have to say is tna is stupid for putting there eggs all in one basket

  • Dave

    Just when you thought “they” were back, Vince McMahon and WWE stole 3 of the members. Now “they” will suck. HAHAHA.


    so they are not arriving, they where already there.


  • Ronald

    nick, what are you talking about? “They” arrive on February 3rd and are revealed to be Fortune.

  • Vinny

    I wanna see Kurt Angle back in WWE… I haven’t watched a match of his since he joined TNA. WOW! the matches he used to have with Brock Lesnar were legendary! especially the one from WM 19.

  • CC

    Dixie says “Dont assume anything”.
    Well we all assume that you did your usual job of assuming things would happen when people were not even under contract, and it backfired on you big time.
    If Sting does go to WWE, then that would be even funnier considering he would probably have been part of the MEM plan as well.

    How on Earth do Carter and TNA think they are going to grow, when they dont even concentrate on things such as contracts before making plans?

    Whats next? Dixie teasing big surprises and announcements on impact on ppv’s that never happen? … oh yeah, she does that all the time.

  • nick

    this thursday? as in the 10th?
    we know it didnt happen on the 3rd, spoilers for the 10th show nothing. How long does TNA think “THEY” can delay the arrival of “they”. TNA f’d up and doesnt know what to do. Turn Fortune face? Doesnt really have the impact. Add Super Mex to imortal, he only there to play the Abyss role while he’s “injured”.

    Quit the patchwork TNA ur worse at it than an armless seemstress

  • Rave

    Anyone else notice the new M.E.M graphic? If you’re trying to cover up the fact that you just got screwed out of a storyline, you don’t use the new art work!