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News for Tonight’s Impact Wrestling Tapings, Change at TNA’s Parent Company Panda Energy

– Tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling episode will air live from Tulsa, Oklahoma with the fallout from Hulk Hogan “quitting” last week. Tonight’s show will also feature the debut of Ethan.

– No word yet what this means for TNA’s future but Bob Carter is no longer listed as an officer of Panda Energy, TNA’s parent company. Bob’s wife, Janice Carter (Dixie Carter’s mother) is both President and CEO of the company. Janice is also the person who controls how much money Panda puts into TNA, which appears to be why TNA is tight financially right now.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    The worst thing that TNA every did and they never recover from it was move to Monday night trying to start a war with WWE. They to me didn’t have that type of company just yet to do such a thing. They rush everything to soon it like yes I wanted TNA to go up against WWE but only when the time was right. The time they tried it the timing was way off TNA was not ready. Soon they tried to up against Vince Mac that first night Vince brought back Bret Hart that was like the game was over before it even got started. They also went up against WWE during WWE hottest time of the year. It was just way off what TNA was trying to be. To me it all boils down to one thing Dixie Carter does not know anything about the wrestling business. There is a reason why a lot of old WWE guys are now trying to go back. The only person to me that is not welcome back right now is Kurt Angle but that is because of Kurt still opening his big mouth. But that another issue for another day. Back to TNA it is very bad to be at a point were nobody really cares right now that is where TNA is nobody cares.

  • StocktonJoe

    I think the end is definitely in sight for TNA. And I think it’s going to happen quickly now. If I’m reading this right, Janice Carter is now President AND CEO of Panda Energy, and that she is thought to be the reason why PE hasn’t been putting as much into TNA. If that’s correct, I see a bleak future for TNA.

  • millerj265

    Exactly. Everyone keeps wanting to blame there eventual demise on a bad angle, or a misused talent, hiring Hogan and other ex wwe stars, etc, etc. But I have been saying all along that the key to TNA staying in business or not has always hinged on Panda Energy. As long as they had there support they were going to be around for as long as they wanted to be. If this however is an indication of Panda slowly pulling away from them and getting ready to pull away from them all together, then TNA’s days are numbered for sure.

  • Sean Kaboni

    Good night TNA.