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Nia Jax says Alexa Bliss is faking her injury

Nia Jax

WWE had reported that Alexa Bliss suffered some sort of injury after this Sunday’s Backlash PPV and she didn’t appear on this week’s episode of Raw either.

However, it appears that the whole thing was a work and Alexa’s opponent at the PPV Nia Jax herself has revealed that the former Women’s Champion is completely fine.

A fan recently blamed Nia for being an unsafe worker and called her out for injuring multiple talents including the likes of Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Asuka and more by mentioning her in a tweet.

Replying to it, the Raw Women’s Champion said that Bliss is completely fine as she is scheduled to work on the upcoming WWE Tour of UK and claimed that she is faking her injury:

Overall, this is a bizarre way to reveal that Alexa Bliss is completely fine and after this tweet, it looks likely that the feud between these two is not over just yet.

  • I So Smart

    That’s what I’m hoping because I’m not buying into this whole “it’s okay to make unhealthy life choices” story.

  • BiggEZ

    Yeah, Alexa WAS the bully in the storyline. Maybe this tweet is the start of a double turn.

  • Brad Grillakis

    i aint got no problem with her tweet. That’s her firing back against accusation that she injures wrestlers and people criticizing her. She ain’t no Sexy Star that tried to injure Rosemary. Injury happens and Bliss Fat Shaming her live though is the bullying though it’s a story line.

  • jedi

    Lmfao that’s a fact jack!

  • CC

    Lets say it is all a work and Bliss is not injured.
    Jax going on Twitter and posting this is not a good thing for a baby face to do, and it kinda comes across as bullying.
    And then she ends it by calling people trolls. Maybe as a baby face she should think twice before resorting to name calling. Owens gets away with it because he is a heel and it is expected, but when you see other baby faces getting this sort of comments from fans, they handle it a lot more diplomatically.

  • CC

    The problem with the Roode one, is he shows up a few days later at the Greatest rumble, then again on Raw with absolutely no signs of such a “serious” injury.

  • Thomas Murray

    while no injury its still the hum dinger when corey graves relocated the current location the heart to now below the belly button area

  • jedi

    The Roode one was horrible, the slow mode they show it clearly hits his chest but hes clutching his throat…. was pretty bad

  • I So Smart

    So Nia makes that tweet, but Alexa is the bully?

  • Will Henderson

    WWE’s been doing a few work injury angles the last few weeks, they had a work knee injury for Natayla 2 weeks ago, then last week we got a work throat injury for Bobby Roode and now Alexa’s injury maybe a work.