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Planned Angle for Triple H, R-Truth Out for Several Weeks

– WWE will be re-booking future shows as a result of the broken foot that R-Truth suffered last week and Alberto Del Rio’s concussion. Truth is expected to be out of action for several weeks and there is no word on his official return date as of this writing.

– WWE has an angle planned which involves Triple H appearing at the No Way Out pay-per-view to address his future. WWE hopes this move will add viewers to Raw the next night as opposed to shooting the angle on Raw hoping it will add buys to the PPV.


  • Stevie P

    No offense to Kofi, but can we get the belts on an actual tag team unlike what they did when Bourne got suspended and did nothing with the titles in his absence?

  • Bill

    I’d by more PPVs if the damn prices went down! I mean, for ‘Mania, I guess the price is okay. Even the Rumble. But for everything else? $50 for Over The Limit? My ass! Oh, & as for Survivior Series & Summerslam, those prices need to drop, too. Sure, they’re 2 of the Big 4, but over the last few years, those PPVs have been meaningless. Realistically, who would pay $50-$60 every month for something you can see for free by streaming or just watching it on TV if you don’t get 4 or 5 star quality PPVs?

  • TheSheepDog

    i have never paid for PPV, i also watch streams, but its the principle. Either way, we will still be bored by HHH droning on about a match he will win at SS, so i would still rather not hear and see him take some time up, which could be better used showcasing the up and coming talent.

    but, i am just a fan, what do i know

  • SYM

    Who buys PPV’s anymore? Watch them Online for Free.

  • TheSheepDog

    so wwe want to use even more talking and at a PPV, which fans have to PAY for, to entice them into watching raw the next night which is free? :S oh wow, i remember the days when a PPV was something to look forward to, somewhat of a spectacle, oh how things change 🙁

  • The Awesome One

    Man kofi should just get a push to the main event all his tag partners get hurt and he doesent he deserves a world or wwe championship