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Post-SmackDown Tapings News, HBK Asked About Taker’s Streak, Ziggler

– WWE has released Dolph Ziggler’s new “It’s Not Showing Off” t-shirt.

– The dark match after last night’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Tulsa, Oklahoma saw Randy Orton beat Wade Barrett in a Street Fight. During the match, Daniel Bryan came down to double team Orton. Big Show made the save which allowed Orton to get the win on Barrett. Orton ended the event by hitting the RKO on Big Show.

– Shawn Michaels was asked on Twitter if he could think of anyone that WWE would give a career boost to by having them defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Shawn, who would have a good idea of how important Taker’s streak is to WWE, replied, “I do not.”

  • Matthew

    Hey man, who the are the ones that gave my post a thumbs down. Whoever it is, y’all need to man up and just say so and give your reasons why. If it’s because you don’t like the thought of Undertaker’s Streak ending, then hey, I feel you- I don’t like the thought ouf the deadman’s streak ending either, but all good things must end. WCW had to end Goldberg’s Streak, TNA had to end Samoa Joe’s Streak, and is going to have to end Crimson’s Streak.
    WWE came close to ending Undertaker’s streak quite a few times- hbk, triple h, and if they had have gotten sting. Those are the people that undertaker would h.ave been willing to lose it too. If it’s because of the candidates I listed, then tell me your problem with each of them. They are all rising superstars that have the most to gain from beating the Undertaker, would also seem believable beating the undertaker.

  • Houndy

    Taker v. Kane….brother against brother one last time to close an old storyline.

    It would have to be one hell of a match for people to say…’yeah, that was the right choice’. Kane losing to UT would also appear plausible and put the streak to 20-0. Taker can then call it quits after before he falls apart.

  • Matthew

    Hmmm…WWE had a chance to end Undertaker’s Streak when Brock Lesnar was red hot, but they fucked that up. That had another chance when Bill Goldberg signed, but they fucked that up as well.
    There’s only 6 people in the WWE that could end the Undertaker’s Streak- Triple H, John Cena, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, and/or Cody Rhodes.
    Now then, as for Non-WWE, in this case, TNA Wrestlers that could end the Streak, there are only 3 that could do it- Sting, Samoa Joe, and AJ Styles.

  • venom

    Undertaker will beat HHH this year. When ever WWE goes back to Dallas, I can see Taker vs Stone old in a double retirement match.

  • Stevie P

    Orton did the RKO on Big Show? Really? So RKO anyone for a cheap pop?

  • Dave

    Nobody is going to break the streak. But I rather suspect that 20-0 will be as far as it goes. Takers legs can’t take it any more.

  • BuckieKid

    he wont lose the streak as his gimmick is the undertaker whos supose to live forever thats why every buried alive match he lost he come back from the ground

  • Ray

    If ole’ Stone Cold ain’t doing it? No one should.

  • KasperKidd

    To be honest, Undertaker’s Undefeated Streak is like Mayweather. Although, yes, scripted in WWE. What I mean is, you’d want someone to beat ‘Taker who himself is like this or close to this. Not someone who’s never won a match at Wrestlemania or has a 4-match Streak. If you wanted to break the streak, it should’ve been done ONCE years ago. To late now, so it shouldn’t be done coz it’ll be crap UNLESS STING steps in coz it’s someone WORTHY to break it in many aspects.

    STING is worth losing to at Wrestlemania. Or is he? I don’t think the streak ending now would be anything coz it’s stupid to beat the odds against HHH, HBK, Batista, Edge, and then lose to CM Punk, say, or even Cena. Y2J…might…be good coz he had a good gimmick where he beat the big boys to become 1st Undisputed Champ. Lesnar WOULD be incredible. But Sting. It would have to be Sting, I think.

    Could you honestly say his streak ending now would be incredible against someone worthy or someone without a great record like that?

    WWE should had built another career like this for someone!

    Name your match! Who is WORTHY to stop Taker? Even in a PRIME. I don’t know much of Sting, but I do reckon he’s one of few. Just what I hear about him, what people tell me, some stuff I’ve seen.

    For me: STING.