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Report from Mick Foley & Colt Cabana’s Stand-Up Comedy, TNA BFG PPV Poster

– Here’s a recap of Mick Foley and Colt Cabana’s stand-up comedy show in Los Angeles from this past Saturday night from Joe Franciosi:

Sold out, standing room only. Cabana killed it and Mick was unbelieveable. I knew he would do good, but he blew it out of the water. The special guest was actor/comedian Craig Robinson (Pineapple Express, Eastbound and Down, etc) who ran in on Mick’s set and played piano over one of Mick’s stories. Huge pop for this.

VIP’s in the crowd were Christopher Daniels, Adam Pearce, Brian Kendrick and his wife Taylor, adult film stars Christy Canyon and Nikki Hunter, Barry Blaustein, David Lagana and Marquez, Chris Bell, Kevin Kleinrock and of course the great Braverman and Bloom duo. Keep an eye out for a possible tour.

The proceeds made by Mick and myself will be donated to “Dr. Death” Steve Williams.

– Here’s the new promotional poster for TNA’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view, teasing Sting’s retirement:


  • Daniel Schein

    Bound For Glory has potential to really be a special breakthrough show for TNA. While I do not see the retirement drawing the same insane interest as Flair it could be pretty special if done right. Personally I think AJ would be his best opponent for the final send off…much like HBK to Flair AJ is the best possible choice to help carry Sting to a really good if not great match. Sting as we’ve seen get’s burnt out trying to go against stiff powerhouses like Joe….it helps with AJ being light and more agile with Sting not having to take as many high impact bumps and shots.

    So far for that card I see

    TNA World Heavyweight Title Kurt Angle vs Bobby Lashley

    Sting vs AJ Styles

    X Division Title rematch Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels

    Also perhaps an announcement or appearance from Ken Anderson who will be free to join TNA officially

    I’m going to book this card on IMDB in a post

  • Matt

    And knowing TNA he’ll retire again @ Bound for Glory 2010 😛

  • kinnaird

    dont get me wrong now. i like sting, alot. would love to see him in the wwe, but it just seems to me that he retires every other month. he barely wrestles on tv, does a pay-per view, dissappears for about 4 months, holds tna captive until he signs another 500,000 contract and then repeats the cycle.

  • kinnaird

    tna’s bound for glory super pitch to the fans is to promote the retirement of a guy that has retired about three times already. whatever works for them, i guess.