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Road Warrior Animal Discusses Politics in WWE and Being Pulled from Live Events

– WWE Hall of Famer and brother to WWE’s John Laurinaitis Road Warrior Animal spoke to Brian Fritz of and says politics are stopping him from getting a job at coaching WWE talents. “To get in that, it’s a good old boy club. You would think with the people I know, I could get a job in the company, but it’s just one of those deals – maybe I’m just not a butt-kisser,” he said.

Animal says he hasn’t spoke with WWE since getting a phone call from his brother telling him that they were pulling him as a host at RAW live events last month due to comments from a pre-WrestleMania interview where Animal seemed to blast WWE’s Wellness Policy.

He said, “I don’t have anything to prove to anybody after all of these years. If they actually are going to think I’m that stupid after getting into the Hall of Fame and I’m going to be that disrespectful and slam them. So, it was a misunderstanding and they made a big mistake taking me off those shows. I didn’t do anything to get taken off the shows. It’s just that stupid political game. You talk about before, ‘Why aren’t you in there?’ There’s a prime reason.”

The full interview is below:

Source: PWTorch

  • venom

    I think Animal is pulling a Kurt Angle. Denying what he said. Maybe he will say it was a robot of him in the interview and not him. Just man up and admit you said it.

  • Marky Mark

    Lulz @ you dumb shit marks trying to side with WWE over a comment made over the WELLNESS POLICY of all things. You know, the policy that has been garbage and has helped do more good to pump up the WWE and nothing more – letting wrestlers fall to the wayside, die and turn to physical shit. Wrestlers that are only in said positions to begin with because its what pumps up the feds, keeps it moving, and get themselves over cause there isn’t any other way, because of other policies WWE has.

  • Hunter

    Or maybe they just don’t need you?

  • Devil_Rising


    Dude, you have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about. Animal is one of THE premier veterans and legends in this business. If he says he thinks the WWE’s “Wellness policy” is a joke, well that’s his right. And guess what? It probably is. Look at some of the guys like Batista, and even a couple of the new guys, and TELL ME that they are not roiding. I believe it’s not as rampant as it used to be, but I also belive that some still do it, and that some get preferential treatment as far as not getting tested. Either way, Animal has earned the right over the decades to “open his mouth” whenever he wants. And to say he’s “whining” because he tells the truth? He’s calling bullshit what it is: bullshit.

    @Stevie P

    On a related note, there ARE politics, but no, you don’t have to play them. Or at least shouldn’t have to. A guy like Animal ESPECIALLY, after everything he’s done for the business and it’s fans, including WWE, he deserves a job there if he wants one. His brother is in this position he’s in because he’s an ass kissing jabroni. “Johnny Ace” was nothing in this business, and never had any real success anywhere. He only got into the biz because his brother made it, and he thought he could too. Wrong. Animal on the other hand? He and Hawk made it in this business because of their ability. Because they molded themselves into (arguably) the greatest tag-team of all time. Not because they kissed a bunch of asses.

    There certainly is something to be said for maintaining your integrity. Sometimes, it’s not worth losing it, just to get some higher position in life.

  • Stevie P

    If there is politics, you have to play them. If you don’t, you’re out. It sucks but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.

  • CC

    Yes its highly political, but in this case he did say something that was derogatory towards WWE’s wellness policy, and it came back to bite him on the arse.
    No matter how you cut it, he said what he said, and now he is trying to deny he said it.

  • mark

    I have to disagree, politics is alive and well in the WWE and always has been. Its very unfortunate that this political bullshit has led to so many wrestlers leaving.

  • Wellsy

    Maybe if he didn’t keep opening his mouth whinging, he’d have more of a chance getting a job.

    If someone with the connections Animal has in WWE can’t get a job with them, then you know there’s something wrong with him. Only person to blame is himself and his attitude.