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Ryback Talks About Being Compared to Others, WWE’s ‘Brought The Heat’ List

– WWE website listed their top 20 superstars who “brought the heat.” WWE lists superstars and tag teams who had or have fiery personalities in and out of the ring.

– Harlem Heat
– Kane
– Mick Foley
– Sheamus
– Sunny
– Eddie Guerrero
– The Undertaker
– Lita
– Bam Bam Bigelow
– Disco Inferno
– The Dragon
– Fire and Ice
– The Brood
– Terry Funk
– The Sheik
– Scotty Too Hotty
– Alundra Blaze
– The Demon
– Papa Shango
– Steven Richards

– Ryback talks about the Goldberg comparisons since returning to WWE TV this year in an article in the July issued WWE Magazine. Ryback said, “All the Rob Van Dam comparisons are fine with me because we actually have the same airbrush guy. I feel like I’m a colorful person in terms of my personality… The plain black look just didn’t cut it for me. It worked for Austin, it worked for Goldberg, but I’m not Austin or Goldberg – I’m Ryback.”

  • moo

    what did Stevie Richards have to do with heat?

  • Ben for HOF

    “I’m not Austin or Goldberg”
    so damn right, you fat roided cowboy redneck idiot.

    you suck.

  • simon07

    Wasn’t Edge in The Brood though? So technically he did make the list.

  • SYM

    Like in ur Gimmick or Having something to do with Fire. Eddie Guerrero was Latino HEAT, Bam Bam Bigelow had Flames on his attire, and Kane sets Fire to the Ring post in his entrance. So not being a Heel, but like actual Heat.

  • scooter

    so if its not literal heat what exactly is “bringing the heat”

  • Pyro

    No, he’s not Austin or Goldberg. Austin is the most talented guy ever in the business, and say what you will about Goldberg, but when he squashed people it was entertaining. This Ryberg garbage is boring and has no value.

  • SYM

    @ant & poko u guys its a Gimmick thing like not having fan Heat, but literal Heat. Example Scotty 2 HOTTY, or Harlem HEAT.

  • Shawn

    Feed. Me. More!

  • ant

    how did Edge not make that list? the guy was one of the most hated heels in the business but i guess outside of the ring hes too much of a nice guy but then again so is Kane so i dont get this list

  • poko

    How did Scott Steiner not make that list?

  • xXx

    ^LOL! I saw what you did there! xD

  • SYM

    “I’m not Austin or Goldberg”

    Ya Damn Right ur no Austin!