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Sin Cara Reportedly Returning Early, Update on a Rey Mysterio Story, Edge, The Rock

– Edge will be appearing on SyFy’s Haven tonight after SmackDown airs.

– The Rock took part in a WWE photo shoot yesterday.

– The Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, California is advertising that Rey Mysterio will get a WWE Title shot against the winner of SummerSlam’s CM Punk vs. John Cena match on the August 15th RAW, the night after SummerSlam in Rey’s hometown. For what it’s worth, it was reported a month ago that WWE had big plans for Rey that would begin the night after SummerSlam.

– The Wrestling Observer reports that Sin Cara will be returning at this coming Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Sacramento, California. This would mean that Cara’s time off for suspension was cut to three weeks instead of the 30 days.

  • Cenanuff plz

    I honestly think WWE should really slow it down on these new guys becoming World Champion so quick for example: Shameus, Jack Swagger. But I do believe its time for ADR to get the title and make him fued with Punk instead of Cena. Punk v ADR will be a good match while Cena v ADR, BORING!!!!!

  • CC

    @adam. as I have been saying all along, its just been one bullshit rumour after another, posted as by people who’s insiders are probably the guys that clean the toilets.

  • adam

    So much for Sin Cara being fired.

  • venom

    Maybe Cara will be able to wrestle at Summer Slam. If Cena beats Punk at Summer Slam, then I hope Mysterio beats Cena the next night. Mysterio having a victory over Cena would be good.