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Cryme Tyme member Shad Gaspard said that while WWE pushes a PG-rated product, the combination of violence and scantily-clad women does not make it one.

“Even though our show is PG it’s still for adults,” Gaspard told Mike Adren in an interview conducted late last year published today. “We have hot girls on there, we have guys beating the hell out of each other, you know, there is nothing PG about sex and violence.”

Gaspard said when he’s in the ring, he doesn’t think about being PG as he wants to enjoy performing, which he compares to watching pornography.

“You wanna watch someone who is enjoying what their doing. That’s why I watch [porn], that’s why all us guys watch it,” he said. “WWE is sports entertainment, and sports entertainment has to be enjoyable to the viewer. And if the viewer is tuning into PG and below then they’re not going to enjoy it.”

The 29-year-old grappler also revealed his admiration for WWE Divas, noting his love for “muscular and athletic girls.”

“The hottest Diva right now in my opinion is Eve Torres. I also think Beth Phoenix is a gorgeous women, an Amazon — she is the perfect combination of sleek smooth muscles and intelligence. She’s not a prissy girl. She is all woman.”

Shad shares similar sentiments for former Raw ring announcer Lilian Garcia, who parted ways with WWE this past September.

“Lilian has always been a good friend to me ever since I first came to WWE,” he said. “She always gave me great advice and would notice things I didn’t notice myself.”

“The first time she watched me walking out she came up to me afterward and said I looked like a little kid, so she told me to stand tall, puff my chest out, and I thought that was really nice of her.”

“She didn’t have to say anything to me at all. Lilian is a great person, a classy lady and I wish her the best of luck in her future.”

To read the interview in its entirety, click here.

  • Ermack

    How the hell are you gonna have Hell in a Cell matches without blood, i serious, that pissed me off

  • Fata Morgana

    PG Product killed the WWE

  • jb

    Maybe shad should view something called the attitude era and see if his current product still isint PG!

  • stockshark

    He should compare Cryme Tyme to lets say the Gangstas and then he will see just how PG they really are!!!!

  • tom-316


  • D21

    yea wwe isnt pg its G which equals boring real wrestling fan was its to be G weres the blood and the action like back in the old days

  • Allen

    It’s suck that we can’t have blood in this new PG WWE, but we can have kelly kelly say she slept with 5 different guys, or have bret hart say ass like 5 times. So we can have people act like a whore around children, but we have to pause a match at the first sign of blood….wtf WWE.

  • Joey

    Agree with Tommy. Women are scantily clad if it was 1932!

  • Tommy

    lol scantily-clad women, they wear shorts and thighs, nothing you dont see everyday girls wear on a sunny day ffs.

  • Venom

    WWE isn’t PG, it’s G. When are we going to see a first blood match again????

  • Scooter

    me an shad shuld hang out (hehe) he likes to watch porn and thinks beth is hot. we lik to peas in da pod. word up!

  • Jason

    it’s pg, it just scrapes being pg, but it’s still pg.

  • Daniel Stockwell

    What a nice chap.

    I’m surprised his still doing the Cryme Time thing – usually the WWE break up teams for a singles run, early on I thought it would happen even more so with Shad, considering he has the look that the WWE generally like.

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