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Spoilers: More Details on the Graphic Angle at This Week’s WWE SmackDown Tapings

– As noted in Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown spoiler report from Dayton, Ohio, Cody Rhodes was busted open bad in his match against Randy Orton. Cody was actually busted open with a shot from the timekeeper’s bell, not his own mask.

In a rare WWE scene these days, pools of bloods were puddled up around the ring where most of the assault took place and Cody was covered in blood, from his head to his legs.

The announcer’s table ended up covered in blood also as it didn’t break when Orton hit Cody with an RKO on top of it.

Officials used a pile of towels to clean up all of the blood that Rhodes lost. The match will have to be heavily edited for tomorrow’s SmackDown broadcast. Word is that the camera work during the bloody angle was mostly focused on Orton’s face and not showing Rhodes at all.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Jon

    Well here we go. Whatever wrestlingfan

  • Yo

    Just saw Smackdown. They cut the part with the blood. It goes to the next match right after Orton won the match and the bell rang.

  • The Fork on the left

    MrLegendKiller503 on youtube uploads SmackDowns around 4:30 before they go up on tv 😀

  • dopey t

    I was at the show on Tuesday and Cody was a bloody mess. It took them about ten minutes to clean all of the blood up.

  • wrestling fan 619

    Jon you don’t jack about or the sacrifice they make. I bring your point about Edge. It you really what blood you problary what Edge to wrestle to his death. Correct me if im wrong.WWE doesn’t prevent it anymore because of the safety of it wrestler and Jon sir if u can’t respect that then your not a fan of this business

  • Jon

    The revolution that Cm Punk started buttercastle. I tired of the PG crap WWE is doing. Wrestling at least show the sacrifices they make. Yes it doesn’t make it entertaining but it shows how this business works.

    PS Guys this anit twitter so no # @ etc

  • Tom

    i do think it would actually add to cody’s character, so maybe it will turn out ok. kinda goes with the gimmick.

  • Buttercastle

    If you guys want to see blood so much, check out your local slaughter houses. I’m sure all your wants and needs will be fulfilled.

    Back to wrestling. Personally I’m with WWE and their no blood rules. Rhodes got busted open by accident, I’m sure it wasn’t scripted otherwise why try to avoid it?

    @Jon what revolution? We are watching professional (for the most part) athletes perform. Blood has nothing to do with wrestling. It’s like saying you only watch NASCAR for the crashes, baseball to see people fall off the upper level trying to catch homeruns, or football to see guys get knocked into comas. You’re missing the point of what it’s all about. Even back in the day when bleeding was just as normal as breathing, I still wasn’t into it. It’s almost like they think vampires are going to be in the crowd and are trying to entertain them. Sure I mean in an actual fight between two people in an alley somewhere they get cut up all the time. But this is scripted live in front of thousands. I’ve never found the appeal in having both guys leed all over eachother.

    Tl;dr blood isn’t relevant to wrestling, it doesn’t make It more or less entertaining.

  • venom

    Well, Orton did put over Mark Henry last ppv. Hopefully Henry gets a decent run before Orton gets the belt back.

  • rabid

    the worst past gonna be the announcing … theyre either gonnna edit what was said out bc you know they mentioned him bleeding or were gonna half to listen to them after they sat in the truck re calling the match

  • Valo487

    Ignoring the blood for a second, why in the hell is WWE booking Cody with Orton? Cody has a great gimmick and was building some solid heat, so what do they do? They book him against someone he’s just going to get jobbed out to. Way to build new stars WWE. I’m so sick of the constant burial of everyone but Cena and Orton I could scream.

  • venom

    I hope they don’t edit this out. Why waste all of that blood? lol.

  • The Great One

    i just watched SD on youtube, they dont even fucking show it, they show the match ending with orton getting DQ’ED then just cut to commercial. Fucking wankers

  • Jon

    But u know poko that the best. True im glad WWE has got rid of the chair shots because of the concussions but to WWE not showing suffices of the business just show how far away they are from it

  • Jerky

    Wow. just seen the pictures of the bloodbath.
    Cody’s face is so so pale. There was a lot of blood, i’m not surprised.

  • poko

    Because they don’t have people cutting themselves all the time doesn’t mean it’s for kids. TNA and Flair recently reminded me how much I don’t miss all the bleeding that used to happen. Personally, I hope they never go back to that. They don’t have to pretend that he’s not bleeding, they just have to avoid reveling it in like they once did. It’s not like we don’t still see blood in the WWE occasionally. People cutting themselves open and repeated chair shots to the head are two aspects of wrestling that I’m glad have been somewhat phased out.

  • Will Henderson

    i wonder how many stitches Cody got to close up the wound.

  • Jon

    But this part of the business. Like Edge says people get hurt. Im tired of WWE being kiddy when there a revolution going on. Parents should tell there kids this is wrestling not the other way around

  • B

    (Or of course, they may black and white it as they do occasionally for flashbacks of pre-PG matches)

  • B

    They don’t have to say it didn’t happen, they just don’t want to show the blood. I don’t think they’ll ‘ignore’ the blood happening altogether, personally. But I could be wrong.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    How are they going to edit it mainly on Orton when he is beating the living hell out of Rhodes… The announcers will probably ignore the fact too and all those red spots, kids threw Kool-Aid at Cody. Especially after seeing those pictures, I really don’t see how they can focus it mainly on Orton. Rhodes would be nonexistent in the segment.

  • shawn

    what do you mean whats the point? it was probably an accident. wwe doesnt want blood on their shows so there is no more blading, its always an accident nowadays.

  • Marc

    What would be the point of Cody Rhodes getting busted open if they are going to “heavily edit” it anyway? Like Jon said I hope they don’t edit it too much otherwise what’s the point?

  • Jon

    I hope it just the signs to come. I hope they didn’t edit much out because this is wrestling