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Spoilers: TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings – March 1st

– Thanks to Eric for the following TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers from Monday night’s tapings in Orlando. These will air this Thursday:

* Backstage segment with Bobby Roode and Austin Aries. Aries brings up his recent tweets about Sting. Roode and Aries joke on Sting before walking off.

* Kurt Angle came out and talked about not liking Jeff Hardy. Angle called Hardy out and a match is made for Victory Road. They brawl to end the segment.

* Kazarian beat AJ Styles and Daniels in a Gauntlet Match.

* Bully Ray is backstage ranting about Giants player Brandon Jacobs. Roode and Aries come in and blame everything on Sting.

* ODB beat Madison Rayne.

* Aries, Roode and Ray come to the ring and complain about how Sting is running things. They hold a protest in the ring and won’t leave. Sting appears in the ring and threatens to suspend Ray and strip the other two of their belts. Sting makes a six-man match tonight with them against James Storm, Magnus and Samoa Joe.

* Zema Ion beat Shannon Moore.

* Velvet Sky and Mickie James beat Sarita and Angelina Love.

* James Storm, Samoa Joe and Magnus beat Bobby Roode, Bully Ray and Austin Aries when Storm hit Last Call on Roode. Ray attacked Magnus after the match with a chair. Storm made the save but Ray came back and hit him with the chair. Impact ends with Ray holding a chair in the ring.

  • Don Laurinaitis

    Its TNA! Anything can happen! One Week Sting quits as GM and the next week he is GM again! One week two guys fight each other or have never fought each other and next week they are Tag Champions!One week a superstar’s heel and the next week he’s face and then he’s heel again all in a span of a month!. TNA has the spontaneous and originality factor! Well done TNA keep up the good work

  • beardsly

    Oh wow, 3 wrestlers complaining about the GM, not like this just didn’t happen at a WWE PPV. Wow lets rehash somebody else’s storyline to a certain extent.

  • Antoine

    since when are samoa joe & magnus babyfaces? ugh typical tna..why not have crimson and morgan turn on eachother instead costing storm the match and setting up a match at victory road smh

  • lol

    i thought sting quit being gm??