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Steve Austin Advertised for an Upcoming Monday Night RAW

– WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is advertised to make his return to WWE’s Monday Night RAW on March 7th from the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas.

It’s expected that Austin will be on RAW to promote Tough Enough and WrestleMania 27, where Austin and the cast are expected to appear.

  • Flying Papa Schmaps

    I like boobs, things from the freezer, squirrels, and cardboard boxes. Also, I enjoy ham. That is all.

  • rob

    rock and austin v.s cena and orton .come on diehard wrestling fans the mickey mouse era of wrestling v.s the badass era of wrestling that would be some badass shit

  • Triple H

    i like stephanies boobs

  • littleman

    steve auztin would show these young bucks how its done

  • jay

    i also like boobs and anything from the freezer. you just need to lighten up gary!

  • Gary

    @cheesehandler your really showing your Age & Your IQ with these senseless posts

  • cheesehandler

    i like boobs and anything from the freezer

  • peep it

    If Rock and Austin never wrestled again… It would be great for the Rock and Austin combo to cut a killer promo. These guys are from the era that were all missing. Not this nanaboo bullshit PG crap.

  • Automattic

    They definitely need to hype a Rock/Austin interaction. The Hart/Michaels buzz before the Jan 4th Raw last year was phenomenal, and if you promote this one, people will definitely tune in.

  • Gary

    there will be a interaction with The Rock & Stone Cold….Just think WWE is gna touch on past beefs with Rock