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Steve Austin Interview: A Feud with CM Punk, Superstars Carrying His Legacy

– has a new interview up with Steve Austin to promote the All Stars video game. Here are some highlights: One of the most interesting features in WWE All Stars is the “Fantasy Warfare” mode, which pits your character against CM Punk. Is that a rivalry you wish you could’ve had in real life?

AUSTIN: Damn right it is. CM Punk is one of my favorite WWE Superstars right now. I like what he brings to the ring, I like his mental game. I think a rivalry between “Stone Cold” and CM Punk would have been a hell of a spectacle and a lot of entertainment. It’s been about eight years since you retired from active competition. Is there a Superstar who is carrying on your legacy today?

AUSTIN: You know, the closest comparison you could make would be Randy Orton, but, man, when someone wants to make comparisons to me, it’s just like making a comparison to Michael Jordan. For a period of time, I was the hottest person on two feet that had ever been in the business. I set all kinds of records from attendance to merchandise to ratings records. When someone can beat that, then I’ll say, “Yep, they beat me.” But no one’s done that.

  • Ryan

    The reason that HBK and Orton lost in my belief was because Hogan during that time was not really part of the roster. He just got inducted into the hall of fame. He was done with wrestling during that time. THe crowd chanted for him to have one more match. To what? Lose? No, i don’t think the crowd was chanting one more match for him to lose, but to see what they grew up watching. His schtick in the ring, and thats what he delivered. So that to me is the reason why HBK lost. As for Orton? As a storyline, it made perfect sense for Hogan to win. Should he have legitimately won given his age? No. But neither does Ric Flair have any business being in the ring and believe they have what it takes to defeat a wrestler due to their age and brittleness. But that’s never the point in professional wresting now is it?

  • Kurt Angle

    Stone Cold’s right! He seems like a humble guy, & I hope that we do see Punk vs Austin!

  • JWaller1

    Why wouldn’t Hogan put over HBK? Heck HBK was using the entire roster as his stepping stone what did Hogan need to do for him? Hogan’s ego has gotten a rise out of a lot of wrestlers, but based on what a wrestler has done for the business, and the type of fan base, no one will ever beat Hogan. I agree with Ryan, cable television was a major part of why Austin was what he was. Yeah he was the greatest of his time, but he had nothing on Hogan.

  • Nicholas G

    @J Hulk Hogan was doing that his whole career not putting anybody over which is why most wrestler really don’t like him very much. That is why when they came out with the top 50 Greatest Wrestler of all time DVD his name was very very low. Because the Pro Wrestlers them self really don’t like Hogan. Yeah they respect the guy but like him that is a different story. I been saying this for the longest time about Hogan his ego is his biggest down fall. An I was one of his biggest fan.

    I agree with you he should have put over HBK and Randy Orton. To me just didn’t get it he didn’t mind putting over The Rock and Bill Goldberg so why couldn’t he put over HBK and Randy Orton. It made no sense to me only thing I could think of is Hogan ego.

  • Ryan

    despite Hogan the man, no one stayed on top and THAT popular as long as Hogan. He basically did it for little over a decade. Austin? Three years tops. Yeah…Hogan>Austin. Lucky for Austin that he came during Cable television and the expansion of shows, ppvs, etc.

  • J

    I agree 100 percent.. but for me and alot of people… what ruined hogan’s legacy was his matches with HBK and then randy orton…

    Hogan for the longest time was THE GUY in the wrestling business, not just WWF but WCW as well. Sure the whole creative control was a bit much, but he still was the reason that company was #1 for so long (along with other reasons)

    But when he came back from the hall of fame, the fans chanting one more match.. it was cool. But his refusal to put shawn over.. then the next year at summerslam to put Orton over was a disgrace to his legacy.

  • Nicholas G

    No nobody will every come close to Stone Cold. But then again I never though somebody like Stone Cold Steve Austin or the Rock would out do Hulk Hogan. But then again I really believe Hogan ruined his own legacy by going to WCW. I mean yeah it help wrestling out in the short run but in the long run it should Hulk Hogan true colors. But Stone Cold and the Rock has both never turn on the WWE an most likely never will. Yeah the Rock went to Hollywood but that is totally different then going to a rival wrestling company.

    Stone Cold simple one of the best. It is really good to see him back in the WWE more and more. An it seems like Austin going to be back for sometime. Don’t think the Rock will but will drop in from time to time. An hey we got The Rock having one last match. Don’t think Stone Cold will be returning to the ring but I sure do wish.

  • JIR

    playing all stars and watching the vignette before the match made me feel like i was watching a ppv a feud between them would truly be epic

  • CC

    When you read or hear a comment like that last one, you usually think “What an arrogant bastard”, but in this case he is 100% correct. As good as guys like Edge and Punk are, or as popular as Taker and HHH are, nobody has come close to matching Austin for sheer popularity.
    Cena may sell the most merch at the moment, but I doubt it even comes close to the level of merch that the likes of Austin and The Rock shifted back in the day.
    Austin’s appeal was (and still is) a lot further reaching than the glorified kids party entertainer that Cena is.

    Its hard for anyone to match up to Austin and The Rock, thats no doubt, but they really need someone to get a bit closer to that wider appeal they had than keep concentrating on the kiddie market.
    You can do that and still be PG, so its certainly got nothing to do with the tv rating.