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“Stone Cold” Steve Austin Discusses Problems with Current Talent Today

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin discussed the young wrestlers of today in a guest column for Fighting Spirit Magazine.

“Today’s guys are very impressionable, and don’t really call it in the ring anymore. Some of the guys don’t know whether to s–t or wind their watch; when they get in the ring, they have some basics, but they’ve always been told exactly what to do before they go out there. Back in the day, we were calling it all in the ring; we didn’t have anything to be nervous about, because we didn’t have to remember anything. All I had to do was listen to a hellacious worker like Billy Joe Travis or Jimmy Jack Funk, trusting them to help lead me through it.

The guys today are on a big stage, and none bigger than WWE. It’s up to the promotion to bring these cats in light, establish them, and help them get over. You can’t just bring in someone new and expect them to work a Wrestlemania caliber match right away. If you give someone a monster push right off the bat, but don’t give them the base knowledge, it makes no sense to wonder why they s–t the bed. These kids are exposed after a few weeks of TV, because they don’t have the experience of what to do in that situation. The more knowledge you have, the better chance you have of being successful.”

  • Centurypromotion

    Been a good wrestler and entertainer is not gifted to all of the guys in that business but that is why old school was great if they where good in the ring but not on the mic they hire or put him with a manager already establish they have to focus on indy wrestling stars if they want wwe to be as fun as it was no background and experience kill that energy and pure wrestling aspect and also gimmicks and managers and stable (faction) was a plus and made it more interesting to watch.I hope Austin could become a trainer or wrestling agent backstage would benifit the current era of wrestlers.

  • Roy Bledsoe

    Sadly its not about wrestling its about entertainment! Like punk said look at guys like Kidd, Gabriel, Dibiase, Ryder, Hawkins and others guys who love wrestling but since their not entertainers they are held back. While Ryback is pushed because of a dumb catchphrase and steroids!

  • And that’s the bottom line…

  • Daniel Covell

    This is why getting indie guys who have worked the business for a number of years can be beneficial to the company. It’s not about pleasing the IWC, it’s about getting guys who can work and pass down that knowledge. Then again, I’ve heard guys like Regal say the kids don’t ask the veterans questions much and don’t seem as willing to learn.

  • This man has much wisdom. He’d certainly do well heading up NXT if he ever decided to train people full time, the industry would certainly be better for it