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Storyline Injury Update on Daniel Bryan, CM Punk Appearing at Cubs Game, Original Sin Cara

– The original Sin Cara, still using that name, worked an indie event in Mexico City this past Saturday night.

– CM Punk will be singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” at the May 17th Chicago Cubs game.

– While Daniel Bryan is really going in for neck surgery this Thursday, WWE’s website has a storyline injury update that notes that Kane’s attack at Bryan on RAW caused him to go to a local hospital. Dr. Chris Amann noted that abrasions on Bryan’s body led medical officials to take the precaution of placing Bryan on a stretcher, although a timetable is uncertain as of yet.

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  • The Killswitch

    We each have our opinions, but please keep it civil.

  • JAckh45

    That’s the best come back you could come up with? Wow you really are a fucking idiot like I mentioned before.
    Just because Punk hurt your feelings by walking out doesn’t mean you should sit in your mums basement and curse the world and everything in it. Go outside and get some fresh air, might need to have a shower and a shave first, don’t want to scare the neighbours after all.

    And quite simple, If you don’t want to read about CM Punk, don’t read it… no one is forcing you too. Just like the masses of food you eat, no one forces you to be a fat arse neck beard, so stop complaining about it and grow the fuck up.

  • JAckh45

    Yeah because they never talk about anyone else who used to be a wrestler…. fucking idiot.

  • mustang

    Honestly stop with the cm punk sightings. Who caressssss!!!!! He’s done with wrestling and he’s moved on.
    Thank u

  • IAmTeddy

    I really wish wrestling site would keep punk off the news feed…He walked out on wrestling so the wrestling world shouldn’t care about him.