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– RAW Superstar Zack Ryder is scheduled for the FCW event on September 30th from the Orlando Armory in Orlando, Florida.

– Former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson has a new fitness photoshoot coming out with Oxygen magazine soon.

– Jim Ross wrote on Twitter that he believes a CM Punk vs. Steve Austin match could happen but adds that he thinks there’s a “less than 50%” chance.

– Ricardo Rodriguez apparently has his own stable in WWE developmental territory FCW with Raquel Diaz (Vickie Guerrero’s daughter), Tito Colon, Conor O’Brian and Kenneth Cameron. In a segment on the recent episode of FCW TV, Rodriguez did a storyline interview and said that WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio is his employee after Del Rio came to Ricardo’s father’s agency a few years ago and they signed him. Ricardo said in the interview that he and his “associates” would take over FCW and then WWE.

  • Seth

    The deal about “ryder to fcw” was misleading.

  • JK Thunder

    This was a lot like in the HBO show OZ Zenghi was actually the top of the top but pretended to be a soldier. I like where this is going.

  • Ricardo Rodriguez


  • Charles Spears

    Normally I don’t like WWE rehashing old storylines, however I do like this due to the fact I like Richardo Rodriguez due to the fact he’s funny. If anyone could pull the old time managers/sports agents with multiple clients, it could be Rodriguez.

  • SusyRko

    hahaah I like Ricardo work a lot

  • http://cgtorcher@aol.com nick is aws0me says

    i wunt to c punk n austin cuz thay iz my favroite resslers i luv punk an wunt to giv him head allnite lon

  • F BOMB

    @rob hell yeah lol

  • Rob

    Well that’s an interesting storyline. But that means that Ricardo isn’t working for Alberto and Alberto is working for his ring announcer. That’s actually pretty funny lol

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