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Several Superstars Return to WWE TV for the 2011 Slammy Awards

– For those who missed RAW, Kane made his return during the main event and attacked John Cena. Kane returned wearing a new mask, then removed it after he attacked John Cena to reveal yet another new mask underneath.

– Also making returns on tonight’s edition of the Slammys RAW were Rey Mysterio, Christian, Lita, Ted DiBiase Sr., Tony Atlas and Road Dogg Jesse James.

  • little jimmy

    litas still got it

  • Airer

    Kane accidentally took Jeff Hardys mask then relized mid chokeslam that he put a mask instead of a towel on his original mask.

  • simon07

    I’ve not got round to watching Raw yet but i felt i had to have a look at Kane’s return on youtube, and wow that was awesome. I really hope WWE get this right and don’t mess it up!

  • JAck45

    Oh god… now u guys are going to have bs rumors about if its Kane or not??? really? really?
    FFS its the same Kane from before.
    The first mask was better imo than the one he revealed at the end.
    But still good hes back, looking better than ever
    One of the biggest choke-slams Ive seen in a long time!

  • blue4everd

    it cant be the undertaker! His nose is not the fat like Kane’s is (no offence to kane) and there were no tattoos on his arms!

  • dalyno42

    looks likw the undertaker to me

  • true money


  • PinkSinCara

    When he first came out I thought he was wearing a welder’s mask. I still marked out anyway

  • Bill

    To me, it looked like he was wearing a Demolition mask, then his 2002 mask.

  • ogitchida

    kane’s mask looked kinda like the same mask undertaker sported years ago in the 90’s when he broke his face..