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Ted DiBiase Having Surgery Soon, Shares His Thoughts on Chris Benoit

– spoke with WWE Hall of Famer “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase while he was at the Mississippi Braves baseball game signing autographs.

DiBiase noted that he would be getting both of his knees replaced soon. He joked:

“They call me The Million Dollar Man, but once I get two knee replacements and a hip replacement they will be calling me the Six Million Dollar Man.”

DiBiase also offered his thoughts on Chris Benoit:

“Chris was one of the nicest guys that you could ever meet. I still struggle with this. Just like in any industry, there are always some idiots, but out of all of the WWE wrestlers in this industry, if I had to pick 5 guys that I held the highest regard and respect for, Chris would be one of them. Some say with as many times that Chris flew off of the ropes and hit his head that it may have had something to do with that, but I just don’t get it, he was a great guy.”

  • KitKrock

    Benoit for HOF 2012!

  • Dannl


    I agree. Sometimes it’s oddly easier to believe someone like Sullivan killed them just to make sense as to why benoit would snap and do what he did. The whole thing was just damn odd.

  • Dannl

    @U ain’t awesome

    Isn’t Sullivan a devil worshiper…I keep thinking I read that somewhere, but I’m not sure the truth about it…it might have been on here that I remember seeing it.

  • Chris

    Are you serious? Some of you really think it was Kevin Sullivan? Give Benoit his dues, he did amazing snap suplexes, a tremendous wrestler. But he’s also a double murderer and a coward for the suicide. THAT’S how he will be remembered, no discussion of Benoit will ever be able to end without “…yeah, but he also did…”

  • venom

    I agree with everyone here. Beniot was great. WWE can go ahead and try to erase him from their memories but they can’t erase him from mine. I’m sure the fake venom will be posting soon. It’s a shame that some people can’t live their own lives and have to pretend to be somebody else. Internet bullies these days.

  • Bill

    *shouldn’t, sorry.

  • Bill

    As much as Benoit’s actions apalled me, he should’nt be completely forgotten. WWE should slowly bring him back into revelance. (Ex: Have his WM 20 match as a WM recap or something)

  • U ain’t awesome

    Beniot, is and was the one of the best wrestlers ever. I was readin that it might have been kevin sullivan who killed the beniot family. Vince mcmahon shouldn’t erase beniot from the wwe because of this.

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    I thought this was about Ted Jr. It made me hopeful he would go away an when he returned he could make a big impact. Destroy a big face wrestler

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    That “Six Million Dollar Man” joke is priceless, no pun intended.