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The Latest Backstage News On Paul Heyman: Would TNA Bring Him In?


There is a feeling among friends of Paul Heyman that he would accept a position with TNA if he had power beyond just writing the shows. Heyman apparently feels TNA needs an overhaul both on the talent side and in the office but doesn’t believe Dixie Carter would give him so much power, so he isn’t taking the idea of working for TNA seriously. Likewise, Carter hasn’t reached out to Heyman regarding a creative position yet despite recommendations.

Heyman does have detractors within TNA, primarily those who fear they would lose power or even their jobs if Heyman was brought in and given the power he wants. Meanwhile, others simply don’t have confidence in his abilities anymore.

Heyman’s name has come up within TNA before, and there are many stories of people badmouthing him to Dixie Carter. While most of the locker room seems open to the idea, there’s bad blood between Heyman and Team 3D and some other former ECW stars who have shared stories about mismanagement in ECW.

On the other side of the coin, Heyman has had good relationships with Kurt Angle, Bobby Lashley, Shawn Daivari, and Ken “Mr. Kennedy” Anderson who is expected to sign with TNA eventually. He’s also had a good rapport over the years with TNA head of talent relations Terry Taylor, whose stock within the company seems to be rising.

Nevertheless, it might be a difficult sell to Carter, who has been hearing bad stories about Heyman for years. Plus, there are already some within the company who feel that Heyman publicly saying he would “never” work for TNA was a snub and the primary reason why Carter shouldn’t consider bringing him in.

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  • Jared

    If I was Dixie Carter, I would give a shot at being the head of the creative team. He was a bad business man at paying his wrestlers, but a hell of a writer and a creative genius. If you watch the attitude era, how many original ideas did you see Vince McMahon take from ECW because no one seen much of it. ECW having very little national television broadcast, made WWF look like the badasses of wrestling. I love TNA because they have athletes, and I really want to see them succeed at beating WWE, even though I have been a WWE fan most of my life.

  • Stockshark

    Dixie should give Jim Coronet a chance at the booking he is an employee already what would it hurt!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tim

    paul heyman made something out of nothing in ecw and the mismanagement was because he was not a great business man apparently but he has a great mind and knows how to get a product over and thats all he has to do in tna is get the product over and make it fresh. the business aspect is on dixie so how could heyman screw that up…i think its genius and its a big enough move to make real fans interested again.

  • Wrestling/MMA GAWD. Bow Down

    Paul Heyman in my opinion is a Genius TNA desperately needs to bring him in he would greately improve TNA in general Carter is very dumb for not even considering bringing him

  • Azraell

    TNA needs the change and Paul is a mastermind when it comes to developing a product in new and exciting ways. In ECW the talent had nothing but the utmost respect for him, he knew how to treat his talent and knew how to bring in the audience creatively. TNA needs a new direction as the whole WCW storyline thing is not working and ECW had good story lines that didn’t fizzle from week to week like we are seeing in TNA. I think Dixie needs to bring him in and give him what he wants to try and right her slowly sinking ship. Lets face it right now TNA is facing the disaster that WCW and now WWE is currently facing in that most of its top tier talent is getting up there in age and they let go of a few of their top young stars to keep the older guys around and happy.

  • Tom

    Meh, this is the ever changing fickle world of wrestling. I can imagine both sides forgetting whatever’s been said and taking a deal.

  • cody

    He caught lightning in a bottle with ECW. Who is to say he can do anything close to that again? Just because you have success once (even though it wasn’t really a success considering how bad he mismanaged his own promotion.) doesn’t mean it would happen again.

  • montana

    heyman will totaly save tna from da wcw like path way there on rite now

  • Razor

    Yeah, I think Paul saying “never” pretty much puts the kibosh on this story.