WWE SmackDown Report – July 31st, 2009

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Report
July 31st, 2009
Report by ProWrestling.net



[Q1]The opening video recapped Jeff Hardy’s win at NOC…Jeff Hardy was introduced as the new champ and made his ring entrance. He said if it was a dream, not to wake him. He thanked all the people who stood behind him. He said Punk was nasty to him and all the WWE Universe, but they all said no to having his lifestyle forced down their throats. He said he was born a free spirit and he beat to his own drum. He said the only thing he was high on was being World Champion for the fans.

He said Punk had evoked his rematch clause on whoever was the champion. He said he threw in the whoever because of who he was facing tonight. He put over Morrison huge and then said the match could be the best main event in the history of Smackdown…Cryme Tyme made their entrance. They did their high five gimmick in the ring with Jeff…[C]

Back from commercial, the Raw Rebound recapped Shaq’s time on Raw…The Hart Dynasty made their entrance…

[Q2]1. Cryme Tyme defeated The Hart Dynasty to become number one contenders for the Unified Tag Team Championship at SummerSlam in 8:32. Shad and Smith started out. Big man power match to start out. Smith got a blind tag and slid out of the ring. Kidd hit a dropkick to the back of the knee to gain control. Kidd worked the leg, even racking it on apron. The ref admonished Kidd and Smith whipped Shad into the stairs. Shad oversold and Smith stomped on him into the break…[C]

Back at 5:05, Smith had Shad in the ring with the weakest leg lock in history. He finally turned it over into a single leg crab. Shad escaped, but Smith made the tag first. Kidd grabbed Shad’s leg, but he powered out and got the hot tag. JTG worked fast offense. He hit a low dropkick on Smith to send him to the floor. He hit a leg drop for two. Kidd hit a springboard blockbuster for two. JTG rolled up Kidd for two, and then reversed a roll up for another two.

JTG hit a backbreaker and covered. Smith broke it up and slid to the floor and grabbed Shad. Shad kicked him away and hit a diving clothesline from the apron to the floor. In the ring, JTG hit the Shoutout for the win. Post match, Cryme Tyme celebrated like they had won the titles. The Big Show/Chris Jericho mashup hit and the Unified Tag Champs came out to the ramp in suits.

Jericho told them to enjoy the moment because it was all downhill from here. He said he could tell it was their dream to be WWE Tag Team Champions. He said like the rest of the losers in the arena, they would fail at their dream. He put over how awesome he and Show were. Shad interrupted him and said he saw Han Solo and Chewbacca. Shad said he spoke Wookie and growled into the mic like Chewy. Somewhere, Jason Powell just died laughing.

Jericho asked them if they thought this was a joke. They said the joke was when Shaq was around, they were pretty silent. The called Jericho Christina and blew him a kiss from Shaq. They said Shaq put Show on his back. They said they would leave SummerSlam as champs.

[Q3]Show said the only reason they were talking junk is because he and Jericho allowed it. He put over how awesome he and Jericho were and said he was better than all of them. Jericho told them to enjoy their party with the criminals, because at SummerSlam, the party was over…

Back from commercial, the announce team hyped the main event…Michelle McCool made her ring entrance. Layla was out next, followed by Eve and Melina separately…

2. Eve and Melina defeated Michelle McCool and Layla at 3:12. Layla and Melina started out. Melina went straight at McCool who dropped to the floor. Melina hit a arm drag and tagged in Eve. They hit a double elbow and Eve covered for one. Eve went to the second rope, but Layla swept the leg and tagged in McCool. McCool worked her fast power offense. She hit a spinning leg drop for two and locked in a sleeper type hold. Eve dropped for a chin buster and both women got tags.

Melina destroyed Layla. She set her up for a reverse DDT, but McCool ran in and hit a big boot to Melina’s face. Eve hit a dropkick on McCool and they rolled to the floor. McCool took Eve out with a kick to the face. McCool tagged in and lifted Melina for a Faithbreaker, but Melina reversed into her finisher for the win…

Backstage, Josh Matthews interviewed Punk and asked him if he thought the Hardy win was an upset. Punk said he did. He said people said the better man won Sunday night, but he had a hard time believing Jeff was the better man. He said he wished everybody was straight edge and told Jeff to enjoy the moment. He wished good luck to Jeff and Morrison and said he had the winner…Ziggler and Maria were shown backstage getting ready for Ziggler’s match next…[C]

[Q4]Back from commercial, Dolph Ziggler made his ring entrance. JR put him over big time. Knox was out next, followed by Finlay and then Rey Rey (wow, they love him in Baltimore)…[C]

3. Finlay and Rey Mysterio defeated Dolph Ziggler and Mike Knox at 9:44. Mysterio and Ziggler started off. Ziggler locked in a head lock that Mysterio fought out of. They ran the ropes and Ziggler had the early offense, but Rey hit several quick moves. Knox got a blind tag and hit a cross body on Rey. Simple spot that looked brutal. Knox set Mysterio on the top rope and picked him up in a powerbomb setup. Rey reversed to set Knox up for a 619. Knox slipped off the ropes and Rey hit a kick and tagged in Finlay.

Finlay went crazy and hit his sitdown splash on Knox. He picked him up and hit a Samoan roll. He tried to whip Knox to the corner, but Knox reversed. Finlay kicked him when Knox charged in and went to the second rope. Knox hit a jumping big boot to knock Finlay down. Finlay sold a leg injury and Knox worked on it. He tagged in Ziggler who also worked the leg. Knox tagged back in and continued to work the leg.

[Q5]Finlay almost made it to the corner, but Knox hit Mysterio and tagged Ziggler back in. Ziggler hit a big elbow, but missed the next one. Finlay tried to tag out again, but Ziggler hit him from behind and tagged Knox back in. Knox went back to the leg and tagged Ziggler back in quickly. Ziggler hit a knee drop and covered for two. Knox tagged back in and hit a slam. He missed the follow up knee. Ziggler tagged in and prevented Finlay from making the tag. Finlay ducked a Stinger Splash attempt and got the hot tag at 8:22.

Rey worked fast offense on Ziggler. He set Ziggler up for 619 near Knox. Mysterio hit it and then hit a low dropkick on Knox. He hit the splash and covered, but Knox broke it up at two. Knox tossed Rey to the floor and Finlay ran in and clotheslined Knox over the top. Ziggler attacked Finlay from behind. Rey slid in and tried for a roll up on Ziggler. Finlay hit an elbow and Mysterio finished the roll up for the win. Post match, a video recapped the highlights…

Backstage, Josh Matthews interviewed John Morrison. Morrison cut a promo on the main event. Morrison seemed to be yelling and a little high. I’m not saying he was, but it was a weird promo. He kept smiling like he was trying to keep from laughing. He said he would win the title tonight…Khali and Mini-Me were shown backstage, heading toward the ring…[C]

Back from commercial, Charlie Haas was already in the ring. The Punjabi Pimp and his bitch were out next…

4. The Great Khali (w/Ranjin Singh) fought Charlie Haas to a no contest at 2:15. Haas tried to work strikes. Khali sold for two seconds and then destroyed Haas. Khali was setting up for the win, when Kane slipped into the ring. Khali turned around and Kane ran. He grabbed Mini-Me and drug him up the aisle. Khali chased him and Kane dropped Mini-Me at the base of the ramp. Khali checked on him as Kane stared from the stage…Morrison and Hardy were shown backstage, preparing for their match…

[Q6][C]Another Raw Rebound recapped Shaq’s time on Raw and the subsequent mainstream press’ reaction…Back in the ring, John Morrison made his ring entrance. His match is next…[C]

Back from commercial, Jeff Hardy made his ring entrance. Old school intros and the ref checked each man for weapons. Hang on folks, here we go…

[Q7]5. Jeff Hardy defeated John Morrison to retain the World Heavyweight Championship at 22:11. Collar and elbow tie up led to a Jeff Hardy hammer lock. Morrison whipped out but lost the shoulder tackle challenge. Jeff got a one count and cinched in a chin lock. Morrison fought out and hit a Pele kick. He whipped Jeff hard to the corner and locked in a rest hold. Hardy slipped out and rolled up for two. Morrison hit a clothesline for two and went back to the rest hold.

Jeff fought out and hit a front atomic drop. He dropped Morrison and went for his double leg drop to the “midsection,” but Morrison blocked it. He drug Jeff over and hit a slingshot to send Jeff over the top and to the floor. Morrison went for a plancha but landed on the apron when Jeff moved. Jeff turned into a kick from Morrison who followed up with a springboard moonsault to the floor. Both men recovered into the break…[C]

Back at 7:12, Morrison had a chin lock on Hardy in the ring. A split screen replayed the moonsault before the break. Hardy fought out and tried for a Twist of Fate, but Morrison reversed into a rollup for two. Morrison hit a hot shot on Hardy and then went for Starship Pain. Hardy moved, but Morrison landed on his feet. He ran in and Jeff hit an elbow and then a Whisper in the Wind for two. Jeff locked in a strange rest hold.

Morrison fought out, but Jeff hit a body slam, followed by a leg drop from the second rope for two. He went back to a chin lock. Morrison made his feet and then hip tossed out. He hit an inverted backbreaker and a side Russian leg sweep. He then hit a standing backflip moonsault/splash for two. Holy crap! Morrison put Jeff in the corner and climbed up. He hit five punches and then a neckbreaker for two. Morrison whipped Hardy to the turnbuckle and charged in. Hardy tossed Morrison, but he landed on the apron. He hit Hardy and Hardy went to the apron on the other side of the post. The two men climbed to the second turnbuckle and traded punches. They knocked each other to the floor. Both men recovered into the break…[C]

[Q8]Back at the 16:10 mark, the men traded punches in the ring. Morrison hit a kick and went for another move, but Jeff reversed with a clothesline. He tackled Morrison and hit a sitting dropkick for two. Morrison stood on the apron and Hardy went for a sunset flip to the floor. Morrison sat on Jeff’s head to break the attempt. Morrison tried to whip Hardy, but he reversed and sent Morrison into the rail. Hardy drug the steps out and used them like he used Matt in their tag team days. He rolled Morrison back in the ring for two.

Both men stood, Morrison pushed Hardy away towards the corner. Hardy ran up but missed Whisper in the Wind. Morrison followed up with his sitting knee strike for two. He whipped Jeff to the corner and hit a flying heel kick for two. He dropped Hardy crotch first and then the Chuck kick for two. He tried for Moonlight Drive, but Hardy reversed into a front suplex. Hardy hit the Swanton bomb, but Morrison kicked out at 20:56.

Morrison slid to the corner and Jeff tried for his mule kick. Morrison kicked him in the chest and Hardy flipped all the way to the opposite corner. Morrison ran over and tried for Starship Pain, but Jeff brought his legs up. He hit the Twist of Fate and another Swanton for the win. Post match, CM Punk’s music hit and he came to the ring applauding. He raised Jeff’s hand and pointed at him. Punk got a mic and said, “You know Jeff, the last few weeks,” and then he punched Jeff in the face.

Punk destroyed Hardy for the next four minutes. He drove him to the floor and then into the retaining wall several times. He mounted him and beat on him right in front of the announce table. Punk took his shirt off and walked away, but he came back and tossed Jeff over the announce table. He got a mic and said he wanted everyone to watch next week because he was reclaiming his title. A video recapped the beating and the announce team checked on Jeff to end the show…

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