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Title Change on RAW, Sin Cara Moved from SmackDown?

– Kelly Kelly became the new WWE Divas Champion on tonight’s RAW, after defeating Brie Bella in the opening match. This is Kelly’s first title reign in WWE.

– When Sin Cara was being shown tonight on RAW as a possible opponent for Evan Bourne, Jerry Lawler referred to him as “RAW’s sensational new Superstar Sin Cara.”

This would indicate that Cara is back on Monday nights. As of this writing, he is still listed as a SmackDown Superstar and there is no confirmation by WWE that he’s been moved.


    @Bill – Just like the WRESTLERS, there is a heel commentator and a face commentator and Lawler and Booker T. are the face commentators and Cole is the heel, so whenever a face WRESTLER does something good, Lawler is going to say something positive, and when a heel WRESTLER does something not so good, he’s going to say something negative. That’s the way PRO WRESTLING is……

  • Bill

    @blahh, we don’t get puppies anymore. Speaking of botches, remember that Twitter thing with Cole saying it was #WWEP2P when It was #RAWP2P.

  • Generic Troll

    I was about to state exaclty what @CC said, I was like WTF Kellys had a title? =\ She has won the World Heavy Weight Title.. well defended it, for Edge remember? but its hardly a Reign eh?

  • blahh

    didn’t Lawler say last night they had 100 million texts last night?

    woo hoo puppies lol

  • Dan

    I do hope Cara is back on Raw, Him and Miz are what’s making me watch Raw, fuck Cena, fuck Orton, it’s about the underated stars

  • Bill

    All 3 commentators made mistakes tonight. I’d rather see JR & no, not Lawler, Mathews or Striker. I’m sick of Lawler’s “Woo hoo” for every beatdown Cena gives to a heel, & any negative thing about a heel(i.e. cheering when CM Punk announces that he’s leaving).

  • Elizabeth

    This is Kellys 1st title

  • CC

    Lawler (or was it Cole) was also saying that Kelly Kelly had been a diva’s champion before, so I would take what he says with a pinch of salt.