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TNA Bringing Back Tommy Dreamer?, Update on Kurt Angle’s Olympic Quest

– TNA has launched to follow Kurt Angle’s journey as he tries to qualify for the 2012 Olympic wrestling team.

– Former TNA and WWE star Tommy Dreamer wrote on Twitter Wednesday that he was in Nashville, TN having an “impactful meeting. He wrote: “Having a fun time in Nashville, TN now getting ready to have an IMPACTFUL meeting. The result if all goes well could last till Xmas.”

Dreamer later wrote that he took part in a TNA fantasy draft: “I had a great time @ the TNA fantasy NFL Draft @jeffjarretttna has the nicest house. @karenjarrett makes it a home. Thanks 2 both bigtime”

  • grizz

    Dreamer SUCKS big time!

  • venom

    @Nicholas G

    I doubt McMahon would even buy TNA. If he did, he would fire everybody and maybe keep Joe and Styles. TNA’s top talent have drug and twitter issues. lol.

  • Nicholas G

    I am really getting sick of these old ECW guys that really won’t leave well enough alone. I mean what we are going to have another Fare Well ECW PPV look it didn’t work before in TNA and it is not going to work now. ECW is gone well then again I keep saying that about WCW and yet just feel WCW isn’t gone it just change it name to TNA. The same can be said about ECW. I never really was a big ECW fan but I did like WCW for a while. Until the old guys took over sounds like the same thing TNA has been doing.

    Tell me when is TNA going to do something new for a change. I been hearing how TNA was going to start doing some new stuff. Or is all that just talk yeah just talk.

    I say RIP TNA you are about to join WCW and ECW very soon. In the deep of Vince Mac basement.

  • venom

    If Dreamer comes back, all he is going to do is cry about ECW isn’t dead!!!

  • shawn

    oh yay dreamer. whatever.

  • Dick Coxafloppin

    Tommy Dreamer ads nothing to the TNA roster. He could possibly prove his worth as an agent or scout of some sort.

    TNA start looking for young talent to create new stars from! Everyone knows that wrestling is fake. Only YOU have the ability to create a star. Thats where your only chance at longevity lies. Stop the the recycling of old has beens. IT MUST END NOW!!

  • al

    hope he doesnt prostitute the ecw name again. EV3.0

  • venom

    I hope he doesn’t come back. Take away the weapons from him and he is boring. He puts the word washed up in the TNA locker room.