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TNA Signs Austin Aries to Long Term Deal

TNA President Dixie Carter announced on Twitter earlier today that they have signed TNA World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries to a long term deal with the company. Here’s what Dixie wrote.

Excited to have signed @AustinAries to a long term deal. I share the story on TNA Today TODAY.

  • King Albert

    Wonder if TNA can get higher then a 1.0 in the ratings with A-double as WHC. Oh, i can’t wait to find out. #excited.

  • King Albert

    @ Stockton joe WWE don’t want midgets they already have Hornswoggle.

  • King Albert

    Lol at people defending the midget. Great comment grizz.
    Why don’t TNA make this weeks Impact 3 hours and have a special A-double appreciation night.

  • leave the hogans alone

  • xXx

    good move on tna’s part for pushing young guys like roode and aries, but hope they drop hogan, his daughter and bischoff in some ditch

  • tdchristian

    A GREAT move by TNA. Austin is their future. They may push Rood as the “it factor”, and while Rood is VERY good, Austin Aries is too, AND he actually has “it” and is THE wrestler to watch for now and the foreseeable future. Congrats to TNA and to Austin Aries.

  • Stockton Joe

    Good for Austin Aries. WWE would never use him correctly.

  • purcey

    Would’ve been great to see Aries show up on raw with the TNA World Heavyweight Title, then have a triple threat with Daniels and Punk.

    We can only dream now.

  • luckysalt

    You are a fool.

    Getting this done is great business for TNA

  • grizz

    Letting Austin Aries win the title was a big joke, he does not even weigh enough to be a heavyweight champion,maybe a midget champion.