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TNA Warns Fans Before Tonight’s iMPACT Tapings

Partial source: PWInsider

– Before tonight’s TNA iMPACT tapings began in Orlando, members of the TNA staff addressed the crowd at the iMPACT Zone about their behavior.

Fans were told not to curse, make obscene gestures or gang signs. The fans were referred to as “cast members” and were basically told they needed to be quiet, according to a fan in attendance.

This is likely another decision made by Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, who haven’t been pleased with some of the reactions from the TNA crowd lately.

  • slop


  • jim ”tex” evans

    i only have a few things to say about hogan and TNA. He IS going to ruin this company.first he takes the six sided ring away, then he tells the fans to more or less to shut up.along with Eric Bishoff[and we know what he did with WCW, look for it to happen in TNA. Hogan always wants to be in the spotlight, and he can’t even control his son let alone his marriage. Hogan is a sore looser,has been and always will be. i can not stand him,and no i am not jealous either. Hogan is a control freak. well that’s more than 1 thing. the point is watch and see. thank you

  • Fata Morgana

    WHAT DA FU** ?!?!

    I mean.. ok i understand the thing with Gang signs

    BUUT You can’t tell your own Fans what they can chant or not !

    I knew Hogan & Bischoff would ruin the TNA!

    So Dixie i hope you realize that your biggest mistake was to bring Hogan & Bischoff

    So i think from now, we will see the same dead audience in TNA like in WWE.

    It’s so sad..

  • noneofyourbussiness

    who makes gangs signs thats effing g@y

  • darryl

    dudes there is nothing more appreciative t the wrestlers then when the fans Chant holy Shit, besides this is bullshit deserves to be chanted when its bullshit

  • Shawn

    Seriously, TNA’s “fans” are pathetic. They could care less about the in-ring stuff, as long as they can come up with some annoying chant. Maybe this will be a sign to TNA to start touring the country. That way, you’ll (hopefully) have a larger audience than a few hundred and perhaps you’ll have actual wrestling fans, not Universal Studio park-goers. Trust me, the real wrestling fans out there have different opinions than the TNA “fans” that fill that foresaken iMPACT film studio.

  • Chris

    Yeah c’mon. I was at Raw in Calgary and they told us the same thing. Most arenas don’t let people swear or make gang signs. Who knew you couldn’t do that at a theme park?

  • NuclearShadow

    Oh and while the WWE strangely does take anti-Cena signs away they do not edit out the “Cena sucks” or “You can’t wrestle” chants and the boos he gets. That is quite odd behavior to censor harmless signs that reflect one persons view but to allow the voice of many to be heard.

  • NuclearShadow

    I think its appalling that TNA wishes to control the fans reactions and edit them out. That is what is really going on and why they edit out the boos and such when they don’t want that reaction.

    I do understand that they have to avoid reaching above rating levels but this does not excuse all of the cenorship. I am quite sure “bullshit” would likely be fine under PG14. They likely censored it simply because they did not want that reaction.

    What they should do is learn from the fans reactions and try to avoid moments that create negative responses.
    Also I wonder why they censor their PPV shows surely that cannot be limited to PG14.

  • scooter

    this is bulls.h.i.t everybody join in since this is the only place you can voice your opinion now

  • sdd619

    So what happens if all the fans start swearing at Hogan, i mean they can’t throw everyone out of the arena

  • Clinnerd

    WWE does it too. My cousin went to one of their shows and they confiscated 2 of his signs. No obsinities, nothing about TNA. One sign said “Cena ‘Nuff” and the other said “Cena Can’t Wrestle”. They allowed him to keep his third sign that had his name on it.

  • Proud WWE Fan

    like i said ppl have nerve to say that WWE does Sh*t lol yea hello

  • Proud WWE Fan

    LMFAO @ WCW Version 2(TNA) to think that ppl have the d@mn nerve to say that WWE does all this Sh*t. but the last time i checked..WWE dont even do this Sh*t the only thing they do is maybe take signs away that may cause Problems but WWE sure as hell dont tell the Fans not to curse, make obscene gestures,or tell us we need to be quiet,what WCW V2 does here thats pathedic im totally Proud to be a WWE anybody wanna say that WWE does this Sh*t.think again!!!

  • edgehead15

    Guys there are crtain protocols one must follow!

    Gang signs and obscene language is really overdoing it, unecessary and uncalled for.. It is ok for one to voice their opinion but bringing gang symbols into it, really just going way overboard and really shows themindset of some 1.

    Yes it is 14+ and all that the occasional holy sh!t is more than accepted but really the repeated use of the f word just cannot be accepted. Sure the occasional shut the f up here and there but not like how those fans wanna go use it in the arena.

    So stop the moaning and complaning the company has to set certain standards!

    You know what makes CZW still and indy and TNA not? Protocol!

  • Logan

    ……..Wow, the next thing we know we’re going to see Shane McMahon and he’s going to announce he bought WC…..err TNA and then WWE beings another invasion storyline.

  • 6burgh

    good move cant curse in the impact zone. one guy curses and u can hear it over the air and tna has to bleep it out.

  • jamie kemp UK

    I Can See ROH Being The Winners When It Comes To The Fans Getting What They Want

  • noneofyourbussiness

    vince will win the monday night wars before they even start i dvr impact and only watched about maybe ten minutes and fast foward the rest its almost impossible to watch when that monday show came on i thought it was an old wcw rerun at first

  • noneofyourbussiness

    i wonder when hes gonna make himself world champ

  • noneofyourbussiness

    i knew once hogan and bischoff joined it would go downhill now they dont want the fans involved whats the point of even having them there then hogan flat out said last night he dont care what the fans want hes gonna change stuff anyway at least they should just call tna the whf world hulkamania federation so all you stupid hulkamaniacs should know that your little hero is an @$$hole

  • baddog_1_2k

    they won’t last as long as wcw forget about the ring change now yor telling the fans what they can and cannot do that your cast members sit there and shut up MORONS hogans gonna get boos now I hope. RVD is right the only thing tna has going for them is there not wwe and as it stands right now they never will be.

  • The Stunner

    The other part of the source is stuff he probably makes up in his head. All he does is copy and paste off other sites.

  • a1

    this is unamerican, what happen to freedom of speech, WWE does that TNA is supposed to be for the people. Hogan needs to take his head out of a$$ to remember who made him not WWF,WCW,WWE the fans made him. Boycott hogan boycott WWE pg bring back what the fans want

  • Hee Haw

    How is Pwinsider a “partial source”? What of this post is Marc Middleton supplied content?

  • Treg

    Wow… I would just leave if they told me that. The fans no longer have a voice. And they no longer matter. If I’m not mistaken, aren’t you suppose to write your product around your fans?

    If you’re not pleased with the reactions of the crowd, maybe it’s your fault and not the fans’. But of course.. you won’t realize that because you think Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are infallible and there’s no reason why anyone should disagree with them.

    TNA makes me sick to my stomach

  • David Strohmenger

    My biggest problem with TNA has been the fans. They seem to want to make it about themselves with their annoying chants. While I’m concerned about some of Hogan’s decisions, I did like his response to the “we want six sides” chant.

  • Me

    You have got to be kidding me…… Why the fuck attend a show if you can’t voice your opinion/displeasure?

  • Dai


  • Phoenix

    ….and w/ that went another member of the TNA “fanbase”