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Tonight’s TNA Impact Matches, Recent TNA Attendance, NFL Competition

– TNA will be facing more competition later this year as the NFL is increasing their Thursday night games from 8 to 15 total on the NFL Network.

– Matches for tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling include Alex Shelley vs. Douglas Williams vs. Austin Aries in a three-way, Velvet Sky vs. Mickie James plus Sting & James Storm vs. Bully Ray & Bobby Roode in the main event. Hulk Hogan and others will also be appearing tonight.

– Here are some recent TNA attendance figures:

* February 2nd in Columbia, SC drew 400 fans
* February 3rd in Florence, SC drew 1,250 fans
* February 4th in Concord, NC drew 950 fans

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Joeyjoejoe

    So if we want to talk to Eric Bischoff Jason can arrange it for us? Wow cool lets pool some questions and I’ll ask when Jason gives me a phone number or contact details.

  • Valo487

    So let’s get this straight Jason, any number reported anywhere is wrong unless you say so? You’re embarassing yourself acting like you’re somehow “above” anyone, and the fact you think you can embarass me over this is hilarious. If anyone should be embarassed, it’s the company that allegedly pays you to troll on the Internet all day. I wish you’d been around when Jeff Hardy ruined a PPV so you could enthrall us with your insider knowledge of why TNA is better than biscuits and we’re all wrong.

    At first I figured you were just some Internet troll amusing yourself by claiming to be a TNA employee, but seeing how willing you are to stand up for the company in defiance of all logic I’m starting to believe it, because you’re exactly the kind of sheep TNA looks for.

  • kamala’s foot

    Oh, I didn’t know the TNA police were out tonight. The excuse for poor ratings that it’s a nine year old company. Too bad TNA won’t be around much longer than that.

  • Jason

    Valo better be careful other wise you might end up like that other IWC WWE mark that got owned by Bischoff on the radio. I could so make that happen to anyone on here if I wanted to. Hell I could do it myself but most of you don’t have the balls to do it.

  • Jason

    Okay we have had 2 again I say 2 shows cancelled since 2011 and both of them where overseas shows. I would really love to see where your source is Valo487 because this is not based on truth but bullshit made up by the IWC.

    PPV buys are not made public which means once again you don’t knwo what you are talking about.

    Live attendance is way up as are PPV buys, and your off even on the avg TV rating because are leaving out the viewership avg which is what matters the most. 1.9 million on avg in 2011 and the same now in 2012. TNA is only 9 years old and in that time they have grown to a level that not even the WWWF/WWF/WWE could grow to in there first 9 years. So yeah once again I fail to see your misguided logic. I would like to hear it based on facts.

  • Valo487

    Sometimes the truth hurts. The problem with TNA isn’t that they aren’t number one, it’s that no matter what issues they have, they refuse to acknowledge it. They have a substantial financial backer, and some of the best talent in the world, there is no excuse for them to still be getting 1.0 TV ratings and mediocre PPV buys as well as their live event attendance. You can say it’s not true all you want, but I have read plenty of reports of cancelled live events due to low sales, so I have a hard time buying your assertion that these numbers are “not even close.”

  • Jason

    I guess that is why people in this business hate the IWC Joe. It’s funny I was always the one taking up for the IWC but now I’m beginning to think I might have been wrong doing so.

  • venom

    I understand that Jason talks great about TNA because he works there, but name calling WWE fans is not going to people to watch your product.

  • JOE

    @Jason no offense but your fighting a losing battle just give up. Coming on here and trying to convince people that TNA is a good product, is just going to end up an epic fail.

  • kamala’s foot


    That’s right. You are good at your role too. The TNA fan boy who has dream that TNA will stay in buisness. You’ll be out of a job with in a year.

  • Jason

    That comment makes no sense what so ever for so many reasons. I know my role very well thank you..

  • kamala’s foot


    Know your role and shut your mouth.

  • jason

    Vic the poster Venom asked me a question and I gave him my answer. Sorry but the main reason I said something was because of my job title to begin with.

    I did write the creater of this news rag…

  • kamala’s foot

    Jason talking about TNA is like Cena being on Raw. Being shoved down our throats.

  • Vic

    “It is my job to post the truth about TNA as a public relations worker for TNA.”

    Jeez what are you the John Laurinaitis of TNA you gotta remind us what the hell you do everytime you post something.

  • venom

    Then it sounds like you should take this up with Middleton.

  • Jason

    I bring it up because of dirt sheets like this one bull shitting people and because it is my job to post the truth about TNA as a public relations worker for TNA. They call it a rough estimate for a reason.

  • venom

    ^Then why bring it up^

  • Jason

    While I can’t give out the official numbers legally I can give a real rough estimate.
    1200 to 1800
    1500 to 2500
    1000 to 1500

  • Little Jimmy

    TNA is a promotion that needs a change so badly, They seem happy with there mediocre status and lackluster direction. 30% of the current product is very good 70% is god awful. Why they market themselves as a rival to WWE is beyond me, I’d love for them to rival WWE but TNA’s higher ups have no clue what they are doing. There is only one man who could make a difference in my opinion and That’s Paul Heyman. Even though it’s highly unlikely with Hogan,Russo and Bischoff currently there. TNA needs to be more entertaining, case closed and with a roster that good it takes some grade A buffoons to mess up this royaly.

  • Jason

    February 4th in Concord, NC drew 950 fans


    February 2nd in Columbia, SC drew 400 fans

    Not even close^^^

    February 3rd in Florence, SC drew 1,250 fans

    Very close

    lol at the marks listening to everything they hear on dirt sheets that make up 90% of this shit just to get a reaction.

  • the real wrestling god

    Lol 400 fans I had more people than that at my super bowl party.

  • CC

    I am waiting for Jason to come along and tell us the WWE only does half those attendance figures

  • Jon

    Ew this doesn’t look good for TNA. Not only that the NFL will problary be a competor, but their attendance numbers look terrible.