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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– The Miz was getting ribbed on backstage a lot by his co-workers about being picked to mentor Daniel Bryan on NXT. Sources say that after this week’s NXT premiere, Vince McMahon felt that they had already made Bryan into a star in one night with the Miz interaction and the main event with Chris Jericho.

– WWE began filming the movie Big Red in New Orleans this week. It stars actors Ed Harris and Amy Madigan with RAW’s Randy Orton. The movie is based in the mid 1960’s and focuses on a smart 12-year-old boy whose teacher makes him work with a social outcast on a project and the outcast has an incident with a bully at school. Orton will star as the father of the bully who tries to get Harris fired him his job as teacher. Madigan will play the school’s principal.

– There is talk again within WWE about turning Triple H heel later this year. This was talked about last year but put on hold because of the most recent DX reunion.


    well i think that randy orton and john cena are the best people in the world. I FELL IN LOVE OF THEM WHEN I FIRST SAW THEM!!!!! U people might think i’m crazy but i’m not its just my true fellings no mater what. i love them so much i would give my life for them. this is the place for me get out my fellings to them.!!!!!:) :(

  • paul

    i think triple h should have stayed heel all of his wwe life
    i been folowing him the first day he came on to wwe tv and he been that dame good he done a lot for the wwe to make
    it look good and he even made superstars out of randy orton
    and so on by losing to them but now i think if and when he turn heel it might not be the same like all them years ago
    when he done sick things and got called a basterd them was the years but now you got the cetrict warror wich is
    playing a great evil heel he reminds me of when triple h
    was that bad all them years

  • OD2

    No, It’s a Bad Idea To Turn HHH Into Heel,We Seeing This In The Past Already,He Should Stay Babyface,Is Good In This.

  • MissC

    1) I’d heard of Bryan. Never seen his work, though.
    2) I’m on Miz’s side on this one. Sure, he might’ve been wrestling all over the world for 10 years. Good for him. That doesn’t matter now. In WWE, nothing you did before means anything.

  • kerry

    sorry but HHH as a heel was always way better than when he is a face…but if he does turn heel it will b interesting cuz now wwe is pg..we will see if it actually happens

  • Shawn (wrestling freak)

    I like HHH as a face, in modern wrestling it seems like people turn face/heel about as much as night and day plus triple h is starting to get older so just let the rest of his career be face

  • Reign

    I saw NXT as successful. The NXT Rookies looked promising in what they displayed, I liked the present tension. Miz did real well I thought(even though Daniel Bryan can obviously mentor him). Daniel Bryan has more personality than he is given credit for but making that historical knock against him public from the beginning, I thought, was great. Darren Young with C.M. Punk and the Straight Edge Society is hilarious. Triple H has always been my favorite as a heel. I think he is most effective because so many wrestling fans genuinely don’t like him for how he conducts business. I hoped for years that he would turn heel again up til late’08. If necessary for Triple H to return to what I feel he does better than anyone (besides Vince Mcmahon), be the head heel in the WWE.

  • jim

    again this must be wishful thinking by the smarks that HHH turns heel.so it must be gonna happend just because they want it too.

  • jd

    HHH to cost Shawn Michaels his career at WM26. Payback for turning his back on DX and the tag titles.

  • Allen

    I think HHH plays a better heel, I used to hate HHH so much back when evolution was around and stuff, he really got me to hate him. Which means he’s a good heel.

  • shawn

    hhh being heel is nasty! hes even good being face cause hes funny.

  • shawn

    again with the smarks. everybodies a smark.

  • jay

    I agree with cody….btw who the fluck is he anyhow lol

  • cody

    No, Brian was not a star. He was a star with the “smarks”. The majority of the fan base are made up of kids and casual fans. He has to get over with them before he is a star. Like it or not it’s the truth. An he may or may not have done that.

  • James Robert (a.k.a. Jim Bob)

    Yeah Treg, I could see him winning the US Title. I’d love to see that.

  • Treg

    Good to know WWE’s high on him. I thought his debut went very well. A feud with the Miz sounds like a good start.

  • theGame

    greatest heel ever woooooo hoooooo

  • theGame

    wooooo hoooooooo woooo whoooo
    bring on the game heel …
    let him dominate once again
    take out every retard with his sledgehammer

  • Mike Adamle

    Triple H heel turn at WrestleMania costing Shawn Michaels his match against Undertaker!

  • Mannul

    I hope they don’t make him another superstar who is just popular with the kids. That will ruin him.

  • Scooter

    no no vince brian was already a star you just got him over with the kids

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