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Tyler Reks Debuts YouTube Series, Update on The Great Khali & WWE, Randy Orton

– Randy Orton will be at Emerge Fitness in St. Peters, Missouri on December 15th for a Humane Society benefit.

– The Great Khali appeared in India last week to promote the launch of Topps’ Slam Attax Trading Card Game there. Regarding Khali’s future with WWE, he is still on good terms with the company and expected back at some point.

– Tyler Reks has launched his Midcard Mafia animated series on YouTube. Reks and crew had #MidCardMafia trending worldwide on Twitter this weekend. The show features voices of Reks, Tyson Kidd and Curt Hawkins. Reks noted that Drew McIntyre will voice his own character on the next episode. You can watch below:

  • joe

    this site did report that khali was done w/ the wwe, but i dont always believe what the “news” here says, cuz a lot of it is just rumors

  • simon07

    ‘Mid card’ mafia, thats a bit of a stretch of the truth. How about jobbers mafia or something a bit more true to them.

  • R-loser

    khali is not made fight he is made to destroy and when he returns he can beat the hell outta john cena..!!!

  • Tyler(:

    Getting over in the Wrestling world by not wrestling. ah what have we come too.

  • Bill

    Reks said that he’d fix the voices for the next episode. Still, this is sad that guys like Reks & Ryder have to get over with YT videos due to the lack of intelligence from creative.

  • adam

    Damn why does he have to come back please just leave khali and india and dont make us suffer threw that again. As for one more comment on the show that would be a good stable kind of be a rip on the job squad but havin mid card mafia would be funny and a good joke on tna

  • MWDynomite

    @venom Nobody ever said that. They said he left on good terms to go back to India and he would be back but not in the near future.

  • venom

    I thought they reported WWE was done with Great Khali. What would be the point to bring him back? Unless they made him a monster heel again.

  • Buttercastle

    Not a bad little show, although it would be better if half the voices didn’t sound like they were recorded over the phone.