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Mickie James and Ken Anderson Gone From TNA

– TNA has removed the profiles of Mickie James and Ken Anderson from the roster section on their official website.

Both stars had contracts getting ready to expire and it was believed they were negotiating new deals but this is a sign they have parted ways with TNA.

  • millerj265

    Yea it could be a combination of both without a doubt. But had tna used them better and a multitude of other established yet still viable ex wwe stars the correct way there financial situation might be better, and the disenchanted talent might have been instead more then eager to resign with the company.

  • Matt Trovato

    Hmm I can’t wait until Royal Rumble when we hear MISTERRRRRRRRRRRRR KENNEDY


  • wtf_monster

    Na na na na… Nana na na… Hey hey hey, good bye…

  • ddfindl

    “Face one second, heel the next, then back to face a week later etc etc etc”

    that’s everybody in TNA though lol

  • CC

    To me it just shows how the people who said that going to TNA from WWE was a good move because they will get treated right, had no idea what they were talking about.
    Yeah its great going to a company that pushes you, but if there is no financial security, what use is being allowed to wrestle (not that they did that much more in TNA than they did in WWE).
    How often would James be on the sidelines not even being used? When were TNA ever able to settle on an angle that they stuck with for Anderson? Face one second, heel the next, then back to face a week later etc etc etc

    James though seems to be so tied up in her music career that wrestling seems to be secondary, so I doubt she will care really.
    Anderson, I could certainly see returning to WWE at some point maybe, but whether he would ever get a decent push there again is questionable as every time they went to push him in the past, something always seemed to go wrong.

  • ddfindl

    I wouldn’t doubt if it was a combination of them not being able to come to terms financially and the performers being somewhat disenchanted going into negotiations to begin with. I have a feeling one of them might come back in the future because no other opportunities pop up and sign for less than they were willing to work for now, but I have to agree with you, its a real shame. TNA is looking worse and worse.

  • oppa

    TNA probably feels like WWE won’t sign them since Cena and Orton had issues with them in the past. Then later on, they’ll look to sign them to deals that pay less money.

  • millerj265

    Just plain dumb if that’s true. It’ll just be another example of tna wasting an opportunity with a guy that had a name from the wwe, but was nvr utilized to his full potential there, who was still young enough to contribute and produce for a long time that tna just utterly dropped the ball on and did nothing of significants with. A real shame if he’s actually gone for good.