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Update On WrestleMania 29 and Royal Rumble Scenarios – Idea For CM Punk vs. Rock

With CM Punk retaining the WWE Championship against Ryback and John Cena at Survivor Series on Sunday, thereby likely solidifying an expected match with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at Royal Rumble, the sports-entertainment organization’s creative team has discussed a scenario where The Straight Edge Superstar would defeat The Great One at the annual January pay-per-view event. This would subsequently lead to Punk defending the title against The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXIX, and Johnson facing Cena in a non-title re-match at the same event.

Original creative plans called for Johnson to defeat Punk at the Rumble, leading to a match against Cena for the title—which could still occur. Creative has given thought to how Johnson winning the WWE Championship would impact the product since there would be no titles defenses at houses shows for over two months, and also add a new issue of whether he would defend the title at the February pay-per-view event, Elimination Chamber. Not awarding Johnson would rectify this problem.

Though the importance of the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship has diminished in recent years, one of the primary reasons that creative has yet to unify the belts is because they feel a title match should close out all house shows.


  • Jeremy

    What good does it do to have Rock win the title, not defend it for 2 months, then lose it and leave yet again all the while burying Punk after a year long buildup? Don’t get me wrong, I love the Rock, top 5 fav of all time, but if he’s not gonna be around after Wrestlemania season then wth is the point of putting the title on him instead of guys you want to build for the future????

  • Jeremy

    Have Taker win and “disappear into the fog” the next night on RAW leaving the title vacant, he needs to retire soon and he deserves that kind of exit

  • Jeremy

    This needs to happen. WWE needs to start creating “legends”. I guess cenas prob already there with the way the book him. But what better way to put punk over the top after his long reign then to defeat Rock and take on the ultimate challenge, Taker at Wrestlemania. Make it happen WWE, don’t drop the ball again

  • Whalebosk

    Am I the only one who wants Ryback nowhere near any big match at Mania?

  • Jon-Jon

    Punk vs Lesnar
    Taker vs Rock
    Ryback vs Cena

    You can have Ryback eventually win the belt after Mania after solidifying himself as THE next guy by beating Cena at Mania CLEAN.

  • jeff

    Man, look at us all fighting over something that is scripted

  • ice-cream bar superstar

    If Undertakers streak was broken I would not be pissed. So few huge moments occur these days, that would be a huge moment.

  • Mark

    Who comes up with these silly ideas. There is no way taker is going to lose at mania so he would have to become the WWE champion. Unless he retires and this is a way for him to go out wots the point

  • Sam Peters

    Rock wont lose at RR, they wouldnt have him hype up the title shot if they were just gunna have him lose it, Rock becoming WWE champ would be good because he can broadcast it round the world as when he is doing interviews and that he could have the title which would give WWE more exposure as he can cut promos and make a few appearances on live TV as well

    More Exposure = Profits

    Plus i dont think they would have Rock lose to Punk at RR and then Cena at WM so it will be one or the other, the EC match for the WWE title can become a number one contenders match for WM

  • SYM

    Punk defeats Taker at WM deal with it cunts.

  • Nigger Please I’m the real sym

    Cm punk vs edge
    Rock vs taker
    Cena vs ryback
    Hhh vs lesnar
    Bryan vs dolph
    Miz vs Barrett
    Heel brodus vs Kane

    Cm punk vs taker vs the rock vs mick foley
    Dolph vs y2j
    Cena vs Barrett
    Orton vs ryback
    Bryan /. Miz vs sandow/ cesaro
    Vince vs lesnar

  • Bill

    Taker vs. Punk at WM? Hell yeah! If Taker wins it, he could always just forfeit the title on Raw & they could do a Deadly Game tournament for a new champion.

  • Thomas

    Putting Rock vs Cena again at Wrestlemania? What happened to “Once in a Lifetime”?
    Must of been a short lifetime.

  • the v

    Stupid long title reigns everyone is sick of. It sucks knowing the next person to win a title will hold it for atleast another year regardless.

  • chronoxiong

    The Rock vs John Cena II? Hell no to that. Once in a lifetime my ass.

  • J-J

    @JohnCena33: Everything has to come to an end eventually & who was it that uttered that line about ‘time honoured traditions’ about putting people over on your way out? Yes people would be upset but people would also get over it. If having Punk successfully defend his title against ‘Taker is the best thing for business (which I personally believe it is) then why wouldn’t Vince do it? Not only that but I reckon ‘Taker would be up for it.

    A lengthy Punk reign with victories over Rock at the Rumble & ‘Taker at Mania (which would set Punk as a bona fide top player for life) would not only bring prestige to the title but also make a huge super duper mega star of the guy who finally beats him for the title (Say Ryback, Miz, Ziggler or another rising star).

    I’m aware that this may not be the popular opinion but IMO this would be the best thing for the business. Treat the title like it means something. Have a lengthy title run. Use the part timers to put the permanent guys over & legitimize the title. Then after x amount of time (ideally I’d like to see Punk hold onto the title until at least Summer Slam or even Survivor Series next year for a 2 year run) You have the next hot guy (who may not even be on the main roster right now but I have a feeling it’ll end up being Ryback) beat ‘the man’ to win the title & become ‘the man’.

    WWE need to learn from the mistakes of their past. By having the old timers come back & constantly beat the main guys, it makes all of the permanent guys look like shite. Let them build the next guy & build a better future for us all to enjoy…

  • Broyak

    I really don’t buy that Taker vs Punk crap. Taker is injured and there have been some reports that he’s not gonna make it to WM 29. What could happen is that Brock is gonna interfere on the Rumble match and get Punk DQ’d so he retains the title (WWE is never gonna let Punk beat Rock). Then there’s gonna be a match Rock vs. Lesnar on WM 29 and they will probably put Punk vs Cena for the title.

  • scooter

    Belt being vacated after mania with a tournament to crown a new champ could be a good way to elevate a new star in fairness.

  • Daniel

    how’s this at wrestlemania:

    Taker vs rock
    Punk vs lesnar
    Cena vs ryback

  • This could be a twist and have undertaker cost the rock at royal rumble. Remember rock said he is the greatest superstar of time by beating austin, hogan and cena. So what if taker said u haven’t beat me and challenge him at wrestlemania. As for punk he could face ryback for the wwe title or lose the title to cena at elimination chamber and cena could face ryback instead.

  • Hank Moody

    Punk should hold the title until he hits 500 days as champion, whenever that is, and then he can drop it at the next PPV. Rock has been given enough, don’t waste this on him.

  • DC40

    Here is what i would do. Rumble, Rock beats Punk for the title. Taker wins Rumble match. Wrestlemania Rock Vs. Taker for belt. Taker wins BUT literally takes the belt to his “grave” (hmm buried alive match? interesting idea but probably not). WWE has been talking about having just one belt so here’s their chance. Taker retires as Champion it puts the vet out on a high note and eliminates the 2 belt problem. idk just my thoughts.

  • JohnCena33

    @Yes 3x
    Really a bad idea having a Taker vs Punk match or Rock vs Punk match, guess you dont like WWE. Like I said, it is a perfect time to bring back King of the Ring. Have Taker win, retire, then KOTR for WWE title. Then if they go Rock vs Punk 2 path, have Rock turn heel, then have him hold the title for a while, im sure he can manage the schedule. Or have Punk win and continue his streak. There are a lot of opportunity.

  • JohnCena33

    If Takers streak ends then every wrestling fan in the world would be pissed. It will never happen. He will be 21-0 at Mania then retire. He will never be beaten.

  • JohnCena33

    BTW, you guys are dumb to think that Rock vs Cena would headline Mania.
    Undertaker vs Punk would becuase it will be Takers last match. Taker could get the strap and like i said in the post above would drop it. Hopefully setting up the return of the King of the Ring tournament to crown a new WWE champion. You people bitch about Cena vs Rock 2, but are all for Punk vs Rock 2, both would end in the same way Rock winning because he refuses to lose and if he ever did lose he would quit WWE.

  • Yes! 3X

    They’d really be booking themselves into a corner with a Punk/Undertaker match. So either the streak ends at the hands of CM Punk (a really horrible idea) and his boring title reign continues or the title gets put on a man who isn’t even close to wrestling a full time scedule (which is the very thing they’re trying to avoid in the first place with The Rock). They’re damned if they do and they’re damned if they don’t. WWE should stick to their original plan and put the strap on The Rock. Punk’s title run was painfully boring months ago. Now it’s just unwatchable.

  • J-J

    Why not have Punk beat Rock & ‘Taker? That would help to give the title more importance. And Punk would become the first person in the post Hogan era to pass 400 days as champion. I feel that the longer he stays champion (especially as a heel with the whole ‘respect’ issue going on) the more prestige the title has. As Punk is the ‘best in the world’ I see no reason to take the title off him so a part timer can hold the belt only to drop it to Cena.

  • JohnCena33

    Undertaker d. CM Punk at Mania. Lights go out, the belt is in the middle of the ring, and Undertaker is nowhere to be found.
    This is how the Undertaker should go out.

  • Prince

    So Punk would end Taker’s streak? Not buying that plan. No way Taker would get the strap. He wrestles one match a year. Don’t see the streak ending. If Punk is gonna beat Rock at the Rumble, they should have a rematch at Mania. Although, I’d rather just see Rock win at the Rumble and drop it back to Punk at Mania. I think a win in the Mania main event over Rock would really legitimize him for good.

  • mike

    How bout just have punk face the rock for the tile at mania and have taker face cena

  • Jimbo

    Well it has diminished in value because you’ve spent 9 of the last 12 months not making the them the main focus. WWE writing basically told us all Spring, Summer, and Fall that everything John Cena does is more important than either the WHC or WWE Championship.

  • jeff

    bad bad bad! people ordering PPV with Rock in it want to see him winning the title not losing. I’d be pissed spending all that money just to see a act we seen over n over. Its almost like Ali getting beat by Big dick Johnson