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Video: CM Punk Gets Creamed in UFC Debut and Taps in First Round, Cuts Promo After

CM Punk’s MMA debut came to a screeching halt when his opponent Mickey Gall made quick work of him in the first round of their UFC 203 contest earlier tonight. Punk was immediately taken down as the fight started and was choked out via rear-naked choke with a time stamp of 2:14:

Punk also cut a promo after his match that you can watch here:

  • JGalloway

    I give Punk a lot more credit than most do. Just like you said, Gall is a brown belt in bjj, but yet Punk was able to fight off a lot of his earlier submission attempts. A lot of other UFC fighters would’ve tapped or given up quicker than Punk. And I don’t buy Gall’s excuse that he was only going half strength in his submissions and thats why Punk was able to get out of some of them.

  • JGalloway

    One of Punks biggest mistakes was choosing the training camp he did all because it was close to Chicago. Nothing against Duke Roufus but all of his fighters have the same weakness. Wrestling. Punk would’ve been better off going to train with Jackson-Winklejohn, AKA, or even Kings MMA.

  • D2K

    Now he knows it’s not a good idea to charge a BJJ guy. Gotta keep those guys vertical as much as possible.

  • jack

    lots of good fighters lost quicker than punk did. we learn quicker in failure than we do in victory. he will be a better fighter in his second fight than he would have been had he won his first

  • D2K

    Brock actually did great against Frank Mir in their first fight, but his inexperience allowed Mir to get an leg lock on Brock and he had no way to get out of it. Turned his foot in a direction it’s not supposed to go. Other than that and a point lost for hitting in the back of the head, Brock dominated that fight.

  • Sandman_52

    Seem to remember Brock Lesnar not doing too well in his first UFC match either. Tapped in first round I believe?

  • pitfallharry219

    I look forward to the Punk 2:14 signs on Raw.

  • D2K

    It’s clear he was over-matched. Gall seemed bigger, stronger, faster, and most of all hungrier. Still, you have to take your hat off to Punk. Everyone involved respects him for what he did. Gall was classy and so was Punk. It did seem like he cut a promo afterwards, but that was just him being himself speaking from the heart. I think this whole saga is basically about him proving doubters wrong.

    I don’t think anyone really thought he would win. Gall is a professional with a brown belt in Brazilian Jujitsu and is 24 years-old. Punk had no MMA experience and no martial arts background. To get in there at age 37 takes some guts. I’m glad he was in there with someone that respected him because it could have been really bad if it weren’t.

    Trying to fight a BJJ expert is like trying to fight a boa constrictor. It’s hard enough for skilled pros with a backlog of fights under their belt. Now he’s got the first one under his belt so the second will be easier. Brock lost his first UFC match due to inexperience. Maybe like Brock Punk will win the second fight.

  • JC Bolden

    Classy response by Gall considering how much attention was on this fight and all the things Punk said along the way.

  • M

    Got to give him credit for trying and not running away. He charged Gall which was his biggest mistake and he may have gotten dropped a few seconds later but hey, he took it like a man. Got dropped like a man and got beaten like a man. Would’ve loved him to shock the world with a win but reality is reality. Maybe he can win the next one.

  • Jon Poyser

    So that did not go as planned