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Video: CM Punk Reveals Plans for a New WWE Title Belt and More

– WWE Champion CM Punk participated in a Q&A session while at the Comic Con in Philadelphia this weekend.

Punk revealed that there is indeed a new WWE Title belt, after months of speculation. Punk says he has seen the title and doesn’t think it’s any better than the current spinner title. Punk says the title was just made and weighs about 20 pounds more than the current belt. Punk says he wants to be the one to produce a new title and says it’s coming soon.

The Q&A session is a great watch with Punk discussing life on the road with WWE, the roster, who he would like to wrestle, Eddie Guerrero and lots more. Punk says wrestling The Rock seems more plausible than wrestling Steve Austin and brings up Rock’s recent promo about wanting to be the WWE Champion.

  • SYM

    @anthony the way you talk makes u seem like a Liar and it shows ur age ur like a Teenager so you were probably Born the same time as The Justin Beiber. You HAVE not sern Every RAW or Met those Wrestlers.

  • HBKS the best stop yelling at people first off bryana a stupid little bitch he sucks yes yes yes more like gay gay gay so get off his nuts real talk i have watched every single raw since 1993 so i know this bis….. i have met cm punk stone cold rock jerico and many more….. all im say chill out and get off bryans nuts fag boy …..

  • robert

    the attitude era belt, but all gold….that would be sick

  • Seth

    New belt debuts at the 1000th Raw. My prediction.

  • JayHawk

    Bring back to old school winged eagle belt

  • Jon

    wf3458 please just get off this site. Your facts are not right.

  • The Killswitch

    @Ricardo Punk didn’t promise us an exact date, so he doesn’t owe us an exact date.

  • Ricardo

    Does anybody remember that this individual has been promising a new belt since last year? It’s amazing – if it were someone else, everybody would be jumping on him for being a hypocrite and a liar, because he just doesn’t have the pull to get the belt changed. Since it’s him, everyone is all “weeeee, Punk said some stupid thing he doesn’t have the power to do!” Pathetic.

  • wf3458 ur a dumb ass im a real wrestlin g fan and i dont call him that and second he would want you to call him daniel its his ring name ur dumb fuck all wrestling company’s change ur name get real u dumb fuck man i wish i could see u face to face to tell u how dumb you are

  • wf3458

    Not going to happen especially when WWE slated that Bryan or like real wrestling fans call him Bryan Danielson, is to win the title at NWO.

    Nice try WWE.

  • Jimbo

    Anything is better than the spinner belt.

  • adam

    Ya its great they made a new one but im worried that he is saying its not any better

  • Bill

    Finally! I just hope it’s in WWE ’13. You know how bad WWE is with updating things when it’s too late to change the game(i.e. Cena shirts).

  • SYM

    YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Thats what I’m talking about! A New WWE Belt instead of that crappy Spinner Shit John Cena brought in.