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Video of Summer Rae Discussing Total Divas, JTG Comments on Punk and Hardy, The Rock

– WWE posted the following video to announce Summer Rae’s arrival on season 2 of Total Divas:

– WWE Superstar JTG, who rarely tweets, commented on the Matt Hardy and CM Punk stories with a reference to former WWE Diva Lita, who both men dated. JTG wrote:

“Cm punk leaves WWE ? Matt Hardy arrested ? Sounds like a former Diva is really into American Horror Story Coven. #Idonttweetbutwhenido….”

– The Rock is putting finishing touches on a new TNT show called Wake Up Call. He wrote the following about it on Instagram:

“Putting the final touches on our new TNT show, WAKE UP CALL. Helping families thru tough times with love, new opportunities & a few ass kickings. Excited for the show… and I get to drive my personal pick up truck! #EverybodyWins #TimeForYourWakeUpCallPeople #LetsShoot”

  • JAckh45

    mid card will be getting more filled when the shield spilt. Rollins and Ambros deserver main event status, but with the current bookings… they will either push the Zigglers/Sandows out of the picture all together… or be gone themselves.

  • ddfindl

    My guess is that his contract is for a ridiculously small amount of money

  • millerj265

    How is this man still employed? I cant ever recall a wrestler who is used so sparingly remaining on the roster for as long as JTG has, heck Yoshi Tatsu and Curt Hawkens are at least occasionally thrown on NXT to get squashed by someone. If there going to keep him employed why not have him job on tv instead of having guys like Barrett and cesaro when they were the ic and us champions respectively, doing jobs every week to the upper card guys. WWE has a lot of guys who love it or hate it will nvr get a push who can go out every week and put on a good 5min match with a guy and do the job allowing the mid card guys to remain strong and not get jobbed out every week to the upper card guys, then maybe the wwes undercard roster wouldn’t be filled with guys who look so weak because of how often they lose on tv.