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The View from Down Under:John Cena & The World Heavyweight Championship

April 5th 2009 at Wrestlemania 25, John Cena delivers an AA that involved Cena lifting both The Big Show and Edge onto his shoulders for a ‘Holy Shit’ moment and his second and last reign as World Heavyweight Champion.

Throughout the rest of 2009 the World Heavyweight Championship would be held by Edge, Jeff Hardy, CM punk and The Undertaker. It was after the Undertaker’s reign was ended by Chris Jericho in the Elimination chamber that the WWE started to drop the importance of this title in terms of their story writing.




Think back to Summer Slam this year, and while the match between Alberto Del Rio and Christian was a fantastic match, the build up to the match at Summer Slam was only 3 weeks! Only 3 weeks of a built up feud, for the second biggest prize in the WWE, at the second biggest PPV in the WWE showed just how much importance this title has had in the terms of writing stories.

There have been many articles written by fans and ‘experts’ on how the WWE can lift the prestige of this title back to if not level billing with the WWE title, then a close second. And for over 3 years if felt like the WWE didn’t hear or care about our feelings towards this title. Then in one totally unexpected moment, Vickie Guerrero and the WWE has brought the World Heavyweight Championship back to importance with the simple announcement on RAW last week, that at that Alberto Del Rio will face a returning John Cena for the title at Hell In A Cell. Now the online world is a buzz with articles (like this one) whether it is good, bad, unfair etc. that John Cena is battling for the World Heavyweight Championship, but the fact is leading up to Hell in A Cell, we are talking about The World Heavyweight Championship!

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I for one hope John Cena does win the title from Alberto Del Rio:

Firstly as you would have read in my ‘View From Down Under’ on September 18 2013, Alberto Del Rio has become a stale champion. If you want any further proof have a listen to the crowd reaction at Battleground…silence…..the worst thing that can happen to a wrestler. Now generally the crowd was a passive and quiet crowd at the First Niagara Center in Buffalo, New York, however most all others wrestler got some sort of positive (cheer) or negative (booing) reaction. Even The Great Khali got a better pop then the World Heavyweight Champion!

Secondly by having John Cena battle for the World Heavyweight Championship, leaves the likes of Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Triple H, Cody Rhodes, The Shield and The Big Show to continue their storylines and not be swept aside by a returning Cena who has come to ‘SAVE’ the WWE from the evil reign of Triple H. This lets our new hero Daniel Bryan continue to cement himself as if not second, then equal top baby face to Cena.

Thirdly, John Cena as the World Heavyweight Champion allows for Cena to help put over (yes you read that correctly) talent such as Damien Sandow, Wade Barrett, Bray Wyatt, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Antonio Cesaro and Drew McIntyre (I still have hope for him!). John Cena has a chance now to do to the younger upper-card, what the likes of The Big Show and JBL did for him 10 years ago. He match I would love to see in Antonio Cesaro and John Cena, could you imagine the crowd reaction to a Cesaro giant swing on Cena??????

cesaro swing

Hooroo and see you next week.

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