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Viscera Expects To Appear On Upcoming Raw, Says He Almost Won WWF Title

Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) of The Score television network interviewed former WWE talent Nelson Frazier, who portrayed Mabel and Viscera. Highlights:

Whether he was slated to win the WWF Championship at the 1995 Summerslam: “Actually Vince was leaning towards me [winning the WWE Championship] but if anyone knows about the Clique they can change things around and that’s what happened. The finish was changed. Yeah, Vince was really leaning towards me but you can’t stop the powers that be.”

How “Vis-agra” was created: “I was working with Hurricane Helms in Europe and Dean Malenko was our road agent. I used to do an amateur wrestling floatover on him and Dean just jokingly said ‘why don’t you throw in a couple pelvic thrusts when you do that’ and I said ‘are you serious?’. So I gave it a try and the people just exploded.”

Viscera also told Ocal that he expects to appear on the historic 1000th episode of Raw or another upcoming episode.


  • john

    i hope he returns but not as big daddy V!

  • rko

    Thank god for the clique!

  • I’d rather watch The Repo Man then Mantaur.

  • Old Mate Donnie

    Alls i want to see is one final proper DX reunion with HBK Road Dogg Billy Gunn Xpac and HHH and then ill be happy!

  • ant

    @Devil_Rising not that i really had any to begin with but you lost all respect from me when you said Mantaur,like REALLY?

  • ant

    yall trippin Big Daddy V was a sick gimmick i liked it better than Viscera with his pajama wearin love gimmick

  • Tom

    Mantaur? Seriously?…

  • Devil_Rising


    Not really sure why you would say that. Compared to our current “PG” era, the 90s were fantastic. And as for the overly-vaunted “Attitude Era”, yes, there were some good things about it, but it was also the biggest contributor to what people still complain about to this day: 40 minutes of talking and 10 minutes of match time. That started in the Attitdue Era, when they would take 20+ minutes just to do an Austin, Mankind or Rock promo. When they would do all these non-wrestling skits, dumb comedy gags, etc.

    During the “New Generation” Era of the early and mid 90s, call it “silly” if you will, but there was a LOT more wrestling packed into the shows. It was an era led by guys who could really “go”, like Bret Hart, HBK (even though he was a major asshole), and Undertaker. And “big men” who were actually entertaining, like Bam Bam Bigelow, Vader, and Yokozuna. Quite frankly, I’d rather have another Mantaur, than I would to have someone like Brodus Clay or Ryback.

    Silly gimmicks > outright dumb/boring characters that are shoved down people’s throats.

  • Hank

    I really don’t understand why Vince lets his talent boss him around, it’s ridiculous. I’m not saying I wanted to see Mabel of all people as champion, but if I made a decision about who wins the belt, I’m sticking with it.

  • chronoxiong

    It’s a good thing he didnt win the WWF Title back then. My god, if he did, WCW Monday Nitro would’ve won the ratings war much sooner as they would’ve debuted a month after Summerslam 95.

  • Gorilla

    I remember Summerslam 95 I didn’t watch it till it was available at local video rental but none the less I remember the build up I was in fourth grade so for 9 year old this match was great but to have seen mable win would have been cool i was pulling for diesel but i didnt think big daddy cool could beat king mable. And speaking of that era in WWE im thankful to have been a child because looking back i cant see how grown men watched that show, and im thankful when attitude era hit is when i reached my teens so it was great growing up with wwe.


    Doesn’t matter what he comes back as just put a friggin shirt on him

  • aszman

    Big Mabel was good, he was a “black brodus clay”. he could be “gentle, fun and funny” or “mean wrecking machine”. He could bounce from one to the other in seconds.

    I always believed they should have had vis win the way Andre won the belt from hogan – have nash shoulder up but ref keep counting, then except a payoff after the match. They should have also had nash body slam the guy.

    These days every CM Punk or Cena picks up every big man so there is no excitement. Im glad heath “fell under” while slamming vader. Playing up a big man’s weight is one of the best gimmicks around, and King Mabel was a BIG man.

    Mabel is better than Viscera, or Whack Daddy V, better than Albert and better than Brodus which leads me to…

    I want Brodus and Mabel to team up.

  • Dave

    Looks like he has lost quite a bit of weight. Which is a good thing cos those moobs were nothing short of frightening.

  • One Man Band

    Yeah Big Daddy V was disturbing, But Mabel/Big Vis was good back in the day.

  • Mordecai

    It’d be cool to see Viscera back again. As long as he’s Viscera and not Big Daddy V. Hell, it’d be awesome to see him be Mabel again…

  • Stevie P

    I remember when him and Mo won the Tag Titles at a house show on accident because he couldn’t get off the guy fast enough or something. Such a funny story.