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WrestleMania Kickoff matches announced; Cruiserweights miss the main card again

WrestleMania 34 logo

The WWE announced on Monday Night Raw tonight that the Kickoff show for WrestleMania will feature both Battle Royals along with the Cruiserweight Title match.

While this was the expected outcome, it’s pretty disappointing to see the cruiserweights relegated to the pre-show once again. With all of the work that went into 205 Live since January, and with the great promos that we’ve seen from all of the competitors in the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament, this announcement is sort of heartbreaking.

I’m not the only one to feel this way, apparently, as fans have been replying to the tweet with various hashtags hoping to change their mind.

With the work that has gone into the tournament, and with the matches that we’ve been getting from the 205 Live roster, fans are right to be upset about this. However, the main card is already stacked, with the rest of the championships on the line, along with other high profile matches including Ronda Rousey, Daniel Bryan, John Cena and the Undertaker (supposedly.)

With a card like this, it’s impossible to make everyone happy with whatever match gets placed on the kickoff. Did the WWE make the right choice here? Which match should join the Battle Royals on the WrestleMania Kickoff show?

  • BiggEZ

    The Kick Off Show should be a recap of all of the storylines that led up to all the matches.
    Put ALL of the matches on WrestleMania!

  • CC

    The battle royals are on the kickoff already. Moving the CW title to the main roster would either result in another match being downgraded or other matches being shortened.

  • Greg Bush

    The show was pretty terrible until January. Since then, they’ve just allowed all those guys to go all out each week. It’s been very enjoyable.

  • jedi

    The past 3 weeks have been insane suggest you at least check out the main eventsa

  • jedi

    I would prefer them on preshow so hopefully less time constraints.

  • ROB-1.

    I have never watched 205.

  • Yespage

    Isn’t a cruiserweight match the better way to start WM proper? High impact, fast, entertaining?

  • Noah Cadwell

    I’d rather see the Battle Royals on the kickoff show, move the cruiserweights to ‘Mania

  • Arnold Jackson

    Maybe if people watched 205 it would be disappointing but they don’t. Rather see a U.K. championship match instead.